October 29, 2017

Vampire-O Results

Vampire-O Results
We had a pretty good turnout for a dark and stormy night on a new course. A total of forty people took off to brave the vampires. I wasn’t sure how the vampires would work out, would they find anyone? That definitely wasn’t a problem, it sounds like most everyone was a vampire at least twice. The only person I know for sure who was never a vampire was Nikolai and maybe Ben. Maybe next year I’ll figure out how to track the map exchanges between teams.  

The results are attached but they are really the luck of the draw with so many vampire exchanges going on. The poor luck of having the vampire card when the course closed fell to John Murray and Emily & Aleksi Morgan.

A huge thanks to John Murray and Mike Teller for spending countless hours creating a new map for Eagle Island. Also thanks to Mike and Madonna for helping out on race day.

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