May 13, 2017

14th Annual Rabbit Creek Results

Melanie W., Leslie & Caroline, photo by Jeff

On May 7th twenty five orienteers took off at the mass start heading out in all directions. Some people were so excited to start that several dogs got left behind wondering where mom and dad went. We had a large turnout of new orienteers who stepped up to try the Intermediate course. We once again thank Bill Pilcher for hosting us at what is many peoples favorite event.

We had a true beginner out on the course, I’m glad I decided to make a Beginner map at the last minute. From the smiles on all faces at the end it looks like it went well, I think the cookie helped.

Katrina again tackled the Advanced Beginner course and came in first this year finding all controls quickly. Thomas came over from Jerome to try his first orienteering event, we hope to see him again soon.

Dondi, Alexis & Jerry, photo by Jeff

Leo & Denise plotting
Intermediate was the course of the day with thirteen attempting it. John Murray, Alexis and Innis all came in within a minute of each other for first, second and third place. John and Alexis both spent some time looking for TA, they agreed the map location was right but disagreed on the clue. Alexis was in a hurry to get back to catch the French election results, which was a relief. I was impressed to see five new orienteers clear the course within the time limit, quite a feat. There were a couple of bloody knees but all survived. David Murray came in within thirty seconds after Denise & Leo, who knows where he would have placed if he would have started on time. Jeff looked pretty sick but sucked it up and went out with Dondi & Toby and managed to get some great photographs of the day. I moved the elusive UA from last year to a location that was visible from both possible approach routes and didn’t hear about any problems with it.

Dondi, Jeff, Denise & Leo

Michael plotting his winning course
This year was Michael’s chance, his route choice panned out and he came in at first place. Doug came in with a half hour left and decided to go back out to get the last control. He chose wisely making it back before the time limit with a cleared course and second place. Bill Leahy was the only person to fall victim to the closely placed Intermediate course control PE and the Advanced course control WA. Karin and Melanie W. also tackled the large course and came in with a majority of the controls before the time limit.

Jeff’s photos have been posted to the CTOC yahoo group site at
Karin & Doug, photo by Jeff

Jerry out getting PE, with the nearby WA

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