April 24, 2017

Make Rabbit Creek Great Again!!!

Hello all you very beautiful people, you really are, very,... very,.... great people indeed.
Its time to make Rabbit Creek great again!
{pause for applause}
We are bringing you simply the best controls ever in the Orienteering world, there have never been controls this beautiful before, ever!!
When we inherited Rabbit Creek, it was a huge disaster,... people everywhere,... even in France, were talking about what a disaster it was.
But with our Wonderful leadership,... it really is very beautiful leadership indeed... were gonna make Rabbit Creek great again!! {pause for applause}

Ok but seriously, it`s time for the 14th annual rabbit Creek run and potluck.
We are finalizing the details as we speak, but the pertinent info you need to know is as follows.
When: Sunday May 7th
Time: It’s a mass start this year, map hand out will be at 10:15, Mass start is at 10:30 Don’t be late!!!
Courses will be Beginner Intermediate, Advanced  

After the race we will be having a Pot luck and some planning, and discussion regarding the June 23-25 championships CTOC is hosting

Where: the Beautiful and Historic Rabbit Creek Ranch located outside of Murphy Idaho in Owyhee county. Plan around an hour from the freeway in Boise to get there.

Given the variety of courses, the impossibility of printing maps anywhere near the area, and the desire to minimize waste, please RSVP to me no later than Thursday May 4th   with your name and intended course choice (and if you want an extra map or two for a larger group.)  My email is mmschuste AT yahoo DOT com.  We will have some blank maps on hand if you don’t let us know you are coming.
Bring your event waiver prepared in advance especially if you are not a CTOC member, they can be printed from the website.

Final details, directions to the ranch, etc to come soon, please check back

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