February 3, 2017

Winter Willow Wandering Widely

Given the slightly extreme winter we had this year but sustaining interest in getting out and stretching the legs, we will hold a park Score O at Willow Lane.  This is actually the first time we have fully exercised the revised Willow Lane map that Sergey updated for the last national sprint meet in June 2015.

A score course will test your quick thinking skills a bit further and give you a mental refresh after the long holiday hiatus from orienteering.  Controls are scattered across the map, and you select your own route to pick points within a fixed time limit.  For this meet points will either be 10 or 20 points.  There is a 5 point penalty for each minute overtime.

Date:  Sunday, February 5
Starts:  11-12pm, individual starts (not mass)
Format:  Score O (one map for all)
Time limit:  approx. 40 minutes
Start:  Willow Lane Complex.  From State street turn west onto Willow Lane (there is a Flying Pie pizza and Burger and Brew in sight of this corner) and enter the park.  Pass through all the parking areas to the primitive parking close to the river at the back.
Bring:  your compass, shoes to traverse semi-frozen but likely wet terrain, clothes to keep you warm during and after.
Dues/waiver:  It's the first meet of the year, that wonderful opportunity when you get to prepurchase the full year of monthly meets (except for Gold Rush, our US champs meet in June) at a big discount.  Your dues go to support club efforts in map development and equipment.  Otherwise...it's the usual $10/person (free for members), or $5/juniors (up to 20 years old).
Don't forget to bring a waiver or a membership form along with check or cash for the meet(s).

Conditions as of Saturday afternoon:  Greenbelt on map area is mostly packed ice covered in water.  Grassy areas are snow covered, varying depths up to 1 foot.  It is very slick in areas, shoes with excellent traction (studs) or traction devices recommended.

This will be a lean meet given the briefest of planning intervals and likely inducements to attend Super Bowl parties, so I'll just be there with the car, maybe a table, the usual rental compasses, and the clock!

Meet Director Jeff Black

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