November 13, 2016

Not so aMAZEing Results

Not so aMAZEing Results

Chaotic at the start

It just goes to prove when you come up with an idiot proof idea, you bring a better Idiot than you thought... and things don't work out as planned. We only have partial results due to Greg recording some finish times on the wrong line, oops. From close analysis of what went wrong we are pretty sure about certain scores, but not all of them. If your finish time is blank we were not sure of your finish time. We were able to pretty much rank the Middle Course participants. On the long course there were too many with the same score and unknown times so we could not rank participants. We also ended up with two groups who didn't leave their map so we couldn't calculate their scores. 
An obstacle course to the start of the maze

However things turned out, it still looks like everyone had a fun time. We loved that Melanie and Katrina got into the Halloween spirit and wore costumes.We did learn how not to score future meets. 
Melanie & Katrina looking good

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