July 17, 2016

June 18 Bannock Creek Meet Report

Sorry for the delay! Finally I managed to find time to put our June report down and looks like I was able to publish results before John's J

On June 18 weather cooperated and it even became hot at the end of the meet for those brave souls who gathered on a remote spot in a place where there is no cell phone reception, real wilderness surrounds, there is plenty of climb, and spirits are always high.

Here are some results in no particular order.

Beginner 1.6km, 50m climb, 8 controls
Jennifer Smackey 37:46
Joan Kelley 1:01:10

Yellow/Orange 2.2km, 70m climb, 9 controls
Alden Koenig 46:18
Norma Beiley 1:23:16
Carrie Magnuson, Lauren Hennrich 49:02 + some Int.
Caroline Mclecly, Denise Lauerman, Cindy Jabonick 1:38 (missed 4&5)

Intermediate 4km, 250m climb, 9 controls
Ethan Treadvell 1:27:23
Zach Clayton 1:03:12
Natalie Pusch, Levi Schmitt 1:36:09
Mike Teller 1:33:05
Bill Leahy 2:09:35
Jerry Stewart 2:42

Advanced 6km, 380m climb, 14 controls
Ben Brock 1:42:22
Ole Bergset 2:52 (DNF)
John Murray 2:35:35

Let me know if I may misspell your name. Looks like we will have August meet as John and Carrie gracefully stepped forward to handle Bear Basin meet near McCall. More details to follow.


Sergey Velichko

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