June 13, 2016

Bannock Creek North near Idaho City Saturday June 18

We continue exploration of fresh LIDAR data available thanks to insatiable drive by our own John the Murray.This year we are scheduled to try newly expanded ridges of Bannock Creek area near Idaho City with back to back meets in June and July. This coming Saturday June 18 we will try Northern area and next month July 10 Southern area of the basemap that John expanded.

Yes, as last year this will be low key, no hands raised, no complains accepted events - just go, explore, and enjoy the scenery and gold rush of finding those white and orange control bags. Using a basemap with more or less accurate contours, roads, openings, and few boulders and root-stocks that managed to get onto it. We will offer three courses: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Beginner will have majority of controls on roads and trails with one or two controls not on trail but visible far away on a boulder. Intermediate course will require advanced orienteering techniques and careful reading of available map and skillful use of a compass. Advanced course will truly venture into Terra incognita of Bannock Creek map. Plenty of climb is guaranteed so pre-charge your legs! Intermediate and advanced courses go via terrain with some dead-fall and undergrowth so lower leg protection and O-shoes with spikes are recommended.

Starts are 10am to noon to avoid a potential heat wave of later hours.

Meet center is in the same location as last year about four miles up the Pine Creek Road (USFS road 304). ~1km past Idaho City from HW 21 take right onto the Pine Creek Road and follow 304 road and O-directional signs.

Who: Orienteers of all ages, novice to advanced.
When: Saturday June 18. Courses will be open for starts from 10am – 12. Courses close at 2 pm. You may arrive within this window to try a course, as participants start separately a few minutes apart.
Meet center and Parking Location: Pine Creek Road between mile 3 and mile 4 (we will put some directional O-signs at strategic intersections)  https://goo.gl/maps/lvCtL
Restrooms are not available. Forrest is all we have.
Format: Classic. 
Cost:  $10 per person/team, $5 for a single junior, free to CTOC members (more info here)
You may want to bring: a watch, a compass, a snack, a whistle and a cell phone. Some compasses will be available to rent at nominal charge.
There will be water and snacks at the center and we will put one water control for intermediate and advanced courses.
Meet Directing: Sergey Velichko with assistance from John Murray

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