March 11, 2016

February O meet Recap

Julia Davis Park, BSU, Ann Morrison Park Meet Report

Course review with Bill and enthusiastic orienteers!
 I apologize for the delay in sending out this meet report.  I’ve been down with Influenza Type B since two days after the meet and I’m only now feeling well enough to write a report (and yes I did get the flu shot).

I was fortunate to get a fill-in co-director at the last minute – the infamous and always willing John Murray.  John pretty much single handedly managed the registration table…..I was comfortable that he could handle this assignment based on his past experience.  Thanks for all your help John!

We had beautiful weather for this park meet which utilized Julia Davis Park, BSU, and Ann Morrison Park depending on the course you selected.  There were 21 controls on the advanced course, 13 on intermediate, and 7 on beginning.  We had seven individuals/teams contest the advanced course, six on the intermediate, and two on the beginning course.

Orienteers showed up early for this meet.  First out was Jeff Black on the advanced course.  The 8th control on the advanced course was along the BSU side of the river, by the Greenbelt, across from Chaffee Hall.  This same control was the first control on the intermediate course. Carrie Magnuson was first out on the Intermediate course leaving two minutes after Jeff.  When Carrie got to where her first control should have been she couldn’t find it (she arrived ahead of Jeff getting to that control since Jeff had seven other controls to find before that one).  The meet director had strategically placed this control on a root stock right next to the river.  Being that it was by the river it was secured solidly.  Invariably when we have park meets it seems they coincide with a Boise River cleanup day.  Again, as it always seems to happen, the river cleanup crew interpreted our control to be trash (despite the tag we have on the control saying that an event is currently in progress that utilizes this banner).  Luckily the cleanup crew was only about 100 yards downstream and Carrie had the insight to chase them down and ask if they had seen our control.  Sure enough they dug it out of the bottom of their trash bag.  Carrie then placed the control up the bank of the river, right along the Greenbelt, to help ensure it didn’t disappear again.  After that, everyone, including next-on-the-scene Jeff, found that control.  Thanks for chasing that control down Carrie.  (Carrie lost 13 minutes hunting down that control. I’ve adjusted her finishing time accordingly.)

It should be noted that this O meet was Jeff’s initial recovery run after his first 100 mile ultra on February 14th down in Texas.  If you’d like to read his post-race write up, here it is

The Morgan family all participated at this meet.  Emily, and her sons Aleksi and Nikolai, went out together on the advanced course while Jay navigated the same course on his own.  Emily didn’t feel the 10k+ distance was going to be long enough for her so she ran a 23 mile warmup that same morning.  Jay only knocked out an additional 16 miles (if I remember correctly) that morning.  Emily was still running hard as she and the boys passed the registration table to their final control.  Nice miles Emily!  You too Jay.

The top spot on the advanced course was closely contested by Ben and Sergey with Ben finishing on top.  Coming in not too far behind was “tired-legs” Jeff.

John Murray blitzed the intermediate course, followed by Carrie, and the team of Zach and Amaya.  It should be noted that this is the second time these two have teamed up with Zach training Amaya in the sport of Orienteering.  Amaya is a quick study and has really done well.  I too may need to take some instruction from Zach.

And it was great to see Alec and Sarah Clayton, and Johan Thomson practice their skills on the beginning course.

Thanks to all for coming out and making this meet a success.  Be sure to catch our next meet this coming Saturday, March 12th.

Nice navigating everyone!

Here are some photos that Jeff Black took from the meet:

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