February 18, 2016

CTOC Julia Davis O-Meet Saturday, February 20th

Please join us on Saturday, February 20th for an orienteering meet that begins in Julia Davis Park.

There will be three courses: advanced, intermediate, and beginning.  The advanced course will encompass the BSU campus, Julia Davis Park, and Ann Morrison Park.  The distance is just under 10k with 21 controls.  The intermediate course will utilize the BSU campus and Julia Davis Park.  The beginning course will be set up in Julia Davis Park.

So that we can make a reasonable estimate for map printing, please RSVP by Wednesday evening to williamleahy7 AT gmail.com if you will attend and which course you will participate on. We will print a few extra maps because somebody will have an unexpected opportunity to participate, but when we run out, that's it.

When: Saturday, February 20th. Start times are between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.

Start/Finish Location:
Julia Davis Park between the zoo and the Friendship bridge over to BSU.

Format: Classic.

Single meet (day) dues: $10 per person/team, free for members Single Junior (up to 20 years old): $5 per person/team, free for members If more than one map is needed for a team, a small additional fee may be needed depending on printing costs.

CTOC membership:
Regular $45 (pays for all local meets).
Family $65 (pays for all local meets).

Things to bring: 
1. your trusty compass, or you may rent one from the club for a nominal fee.
2. a signed waiver, to save you some time signing up when you get there - but we will have blanks handy. Waivers and membership forms are available right here on the blog, on the right.

RD Bill Leahy

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