September 12, 2015

Dutch Lake / Trap Creek Write-up

Thanks to Jeff Black for posting a wonderfully detailed account of his Dutch Lake / Trap Creek orienteering experience in the Sawtooth Valley in August.

Stay tuned for the following:
  • October 4 Upper Dry Creek announcement.
  • Results from  US Classic Nationals next weekend in Tahoe.  15 CTOC members will be making the trip!
Here are both days results:

Dutch Lake Stanley August 08, 2015

Beginner 1.5km, 
Katrina Wright   22:08 (14:37 backward)

Intermediate 3.7km
Melanie Wright   1:18:48
Jerry Stewart    2:47:20
Carrie Magnuson  DNF

Advanced 5km
John Murray      1:50:25
Zach Clayton     2:05:32
Jeff Black       2:02:18
Ole Bergset      2:28:11

Trap Creek Stanley August 09, 2015

Beginner 1.4km+1.4km back+3 advanced controls
Carrie Magnuson  1:00:11

Intermediate 3.7km
Jerry Stewart    3:07:30 (DNF)

Advanced 5km, 17 controls
Ben Brock        1:09:15
Ole Bergset      1:57:27
John Murray      2:08:52
Jeff Black       2:50:58

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