June 23, 2015

Western State Champs this weekend!

Design by Lee Scott

After many months in the planning, this weekend our club is directing an A meet:  the Gold Rush Western State Championships.  

This is a full three days of orienteering for your hungry mind:  
  • a sprint on Friday at Veteran's Park against competition you have rarely seen here in Idaho
  • a ultra-long format with a mass start on our Gold Rush map in Idaho City - also the U.S. Championship race this year
  • a technical "middle" course on Sunday on the same map which will test your skills on an entirely new level.
All the details are on a website dedicated entirely to this event.  You can still sign up for competitive classes on the day of at the start (given all the planning and preparation this costs quite a bit more than our usual local event), but if you just want to get a taste of the atmosphere and the terrain there will be a $15 recreational class for the easiest two levels of White and Yellow.

We can also use volunteers!  Email me (jeffwrites AT gmail DOT com) if you would like to help out.

It is predicted to be a very hot weekend, so prepare accordingly.  We hope to see you there!

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