April 2, 2015

March Meet in Julia Davis-BSU-Ann Morrison Results

Thank you all who came and hopefully enjoyed courses!


Photos are courtesy of Jeff Black and Sergey Velichko.


Beginner: 1.6K, 6 controls
Ben and Joella Howard         13:17
Katrina and Melanie Wright 20:04

Intermediate: 4K, 13 controls
Bea, Tan, and Dado 30:39
Natalie Pusch           52:01
Alyssa and Bella      79:53

Advanced: 8.5K, 22 controls
Michael Bading       52:45
Jeff Black                58:45
Melanie Schuster    65:01
John Murray           70:40

Hope to see you all at our next meet Saturday April 18 at Riverstone!

Sergey Velichko

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