July 30, 2014

August Meet at Dutch Lake near Stanley, Idaho

All are invited to the CTOC regular monthly meet this coming Sunday August 3 that takes place near Stanley, Idaho. It will be run on the Dutch Lake map. Starts 11am to 1pm. 3 courses will be offered: longer advanced (5.6km, 16 controls), shorter intermediate (4km, 10 controls), and high level beginner (3km, 6 controls). Beginner course would require venturing into terrain for the last couple controls, use of compass, and ability to read contours. It offers easy first 4 controls and more advanced 2 last controls. Any person on the beginner course would be required to be accompanied by an experienced partner.

This is very challenging and fun moraine terrain with lots of depressions, hills, and small ponds and lakes. Will require upmost focus and ability to read the map and use precise navigation. We hope you will have as much fun as we did.

We will provide water and condiments at the start/finish. We also designed advanced and intermediate courses to have a water control in the middle of courses. If it is really hot you may consider taking some water with you. It may take more than 1 hour to complete the course. Full body cover and good orienteering shoes are advisable. There is some amount of undergrowth and deadfall that requires body protection. We will have compasses for rent if you don’t own one. Good compass work is essential for this type of terrain!

Directions: Take road toward Stanley via Lowman either via Banks-Garden Valley (preferable) or Idaho City. From Lowman drive for about 44 miles north on H-21 until you see signs for Thatcher campground on your right (the highway makes 90 degree turn right couple mile before the campground). Continue about 1km further and take right on forest road 195. We will place CTOC directional sign at the turn. Continue for about 2km on FR195 southwest until you see the meet center (my car and orienteering signs). FR195 is relatively fine but very low clearance vehicles are not advised. It takes approximately 2.5 hours from Boise.

We hope to see you all enjoying this fun terrain and beauty of Stanley area!


Sergey Velichko

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