April 14, 2014

Sunny April Meet at Veterans Park

We like April for nice sunny weather!
Newcomers and seasoned veterans gathered last Saturday in Veterans park to taste some spring orienteering. From the beginner one mile course gracefully circling the park to advanced grueling 10.5km long course venturing into all corners of newly expanded map – all participants found pleasurable moments and fun along the way. We saw lots of smiles and even some sunburns  And, of course, our traditional (thank you Russ!) braunschweiger with crackers was most popular choice of refueling after the race! Some even braved this potent fuel before the start!

Some pictures during the meet:

Nikolai blazing through the beginner course

World famous braunschweiger

Natalie and Alex

Caelin and dad

Some after race heated discussions

My apologies for not checking and crossing out that gate! We know that some lost precious minutes on that viable variant. And, yes, I did think to place control up on the tree at #9! Only dilemma what to put on a clue sheet (tree, on top) stopped me. That was really tall tree!

Finally, results (Intermediate course was same as loop 1 of Advanced course) in no particular order:

We hope to see you all at our next traditional Rabbit-O May 18. Please bring your favorite dish! It is always feast time at Bill’s ranch after grueling courses :)


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