March 17, 2014

Ann Morrison Motala Results 3/16/14

Nice spring weather and fast paced action greeted orienteers at Ann Morrison park this Sunday.  Participants had three sprint type courses to choose from, all three courses turned out to be very evenly matched for completion time even though Course B went over to the Julia Davis/ BSU area and Courses A and B in Ann Morrison were set in totally different route styles .  Several people that did all three courses had slower times on their last course because of fatigue.  Each course was timed separately and participants had only a short minute or two break between runs. Young Zach (one of Ben's students) competed very well doing all three courses in very quick time, he'll be one to watch!  I was surprised by how quickly people completed each course and how close all the total finish times were, with less than 15 minutes separating the whole Three Courses field.  Thanks to Ole who took the time to help Josh learn the ropes on his first attempt at the sport, and Jeff, Ole, John, and Ben for control pickup.  Congrats also to Ole for his 2nd place result in the Ultra Long Championships last Nov. and photo on page 21 of the January/February edition of Orienteering North America magazine.

Name                        Course A   Course B Course C      Total
3 Courses                  2.8km        2.5km         2.5km      7.8km
Sergey Velichko         13:30         14:02         13:23           40:55
Jeff Black                     15:06         14:17         14:08           43:31
Ben Brock                    14:52        15:10         15:13          45:15
Michael Bading          15:12         14:56         15:26          45:34
Zach Clayton              15:33         15:26         16:35          47:34
Jay Morgan                15:30         15:20         19:13          50:03
Ole Bergset                 18:06         16:33         16:57           51:36
John Murray              17:34         17:29          19:21           54:24
2 Courses
Chris &
Mikayla Rose           18:56         20:22                            39:18
1 Course
Caelin &
Michael Judd 35:00
Dondi Black                                                 36:08
Thomas family                                            44:32
Josh Schmitz            50:00

Thanks to all that came and mark your calenders for the next meet hosted by Sergey Sat. April 12 at a newly revised map of the Veterans/ Willow Lane park area.
- Meet Director Karin Didisse

March 12, 2014

Ann Morrison meet this Sunday March 16

This Sunday's meet at Ann Morrison Park will be a "Motala" (or individual relay) style, which will consist of three short courses about 2.5 km. in length which an individual may choose to do one, two, or all three courses consecutively.  We will meet at the picnic shelter and parking area in the northeast corner of the park off of the W. Royal Blvd. entrance.  Starts will be from 11-1pm with each course timed separately so participants can check how they compare with all the others that did that course. Predicted nice weather and fast paced action should make for a fun meet!

- Karin Didisse