March 13, 2013

Warming up spring with a Score course

It is high time for a Score course as we ramp up into our third meet of the year, with the objective to find as many controls as possible within the time limit.  Controls are worth variable points, depending on difficulty and distance from the start, so you will get a few minutes to consider your optimal route choice - an opportunity to use your orienteering brain in a different bent.  Points are deducted for overtime, as usual.

The main course will cover Veteran's and Willow Lane combined, but I prepared a Veteran's map alone for those seeking a fun walk in the park with kids.  Time limit will be the same as the double map.

Vegetation is just starting to green up in places, but leaving a little room to squeeze through the dark green zones if you are so inclined...

Date:  Saturday, March 16
Start:  Veteran's Memorial Park, near the main parking lot
Time:  Starts from 11-12:30, roughly
Score time limit:  45 minutes, 10 points per minute deduction if overtime
Courses:  Score (competitive and recreational classes)
Bring:  Compass, water as needed, a hat, and of course a waiver.  Rental compasses also available.
Fee:  free for club members; $5 for non-members

If you would like to sign up as a club member, the dues are prorated for March.  As a member all local club meets are paid for through December, and you support work on future maps in development.  We definitely have some under discussion!

See you this weekend!

Meet Director Jeff Black

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