December 19, 2012

Willow Lane/Veterans December 2012 Meet Results

Here are our December meet results with some delay.

Beginner: 1.4km, 7 controls
Anthony Mascola          19:00
Camden and Jeff Mulleus  25:40
Katrina and Innes Wright 37:20

Intermediate: 4km, 15 controls
Alex Pusch               36:20
Ian Mulleus              39:40
Parker Thornton          48:30
Russ Pilcher           1:00:10
Ty and Chase Miller    1:00:20
Dominic Romani         1:00:30
Melanie Wright         1:06:00
Ousha, Heidi, Madison,
and Quentin Thomas     1:37:30

Advanced: 6.3km, 22 controls
Ben Brock                45:55
Jeff Black               56:50
Michael Bading
with Oakley              57:15
Jay Morgen               58:08
Bill Leahy             1:01:10
Melanie Schuster       1:08:56
John Murray            1:09:31
Dan Herring            1:53:05

Many thanks to my co-hosts Masha and Bill for helping tremendously with running it smoothly!

See you enjoying outdoors next year!

Sergey Velichko

P.S. Let me know if I missed anyone or misspelled your name.