November 2, 2012

Vampire-O Results

We had another nice turn out for this year’s Vampire-O. The cool temperature and overcastted sky with occasional light sprinkles was no deterrent for the determined vampires.  It began with a mass start of nearly 30 participants heading in all directions. For two years running, David and Liman Murray volunteered to be the first vampire and began their hunt 2 minutes after the mass start. It was a busy night for vampires and in total the vampire card traded hands 6 times.  It was good mix of experienced and newbie orienteer’s who were caught by the vampire and then captured another to pass the vampire card.

Students from River Stone Int'l School Outdoor Ed Program

Jenny Chu and Jeannette Thornton were first to finish with great time of 32min 47sec well ahead of the near competitor fellow River Stone classmate Triston Rericha. The River Stone students and teacher had a good showing at this year’s vampire-O by claiming the top 3 spots.  There was a usually high number who went over the 1 hour time limit. This was primarily due to the meet director not clearly calling out the limit. Therefore, I felt it was only fitting to reduce the penalty time to only -2pts/min.


Our final vampire of the night Ethan Dixon
As individuals and teams crossed the finish there were plenty of stories, laughs and drama to go around. About how two individuals would dance around control points waiting for it to clear thinking that the other was the vampire. There was a group who resorted to combat crawling to control points. Our final vampire of the night was Ethan who was able catch a victim but did not realize he needed the pass the vampire card that he had left behind.
Congratulations and many thanks to you and Donna for once again hosting a great, pre-Halloween, Vampire-0! I'm not sure how, but you arranged the perfect weather. The dark, threatening cloud cover portended doom while at the same time prevented a waxing gibbous moon from exposing the ever lurking vampire. I particularly enjoyed the costumes you and Donna donned: i.e., two delicious looking, great smelling (at least one of you was), unsuspecting victims. I thoroughly enjoyed this orienteering meat; I just couldn't get my fill which explains why I stayed out on the main course so much longer than most. My only regret is that I didn't get a chance to sample some of the vampire's blood. Oh well, there's always next year (hopefully).  W. Wolf
My co-director and I really enjoyed the evening with lots of new and familiar faces. No one seemed to enjoy the event more than the kids. The vampire-o has become a light hearted, family and kid’s friendly event. But then again, maybe it’s the free Halloween candy.

A big thanks to Jeff, John and Ben for helping with course pickup.

We hope to see again at our next event Caldwell Street Challenge with Russell Pilcher director. It is sure to be another fun event for all!

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