August 7, 2012

Thorn Creek Orienteering Sunday Aug. 19

For the August meet this year we are going change it up a bit and return to a part of our Bear Basin map that hasn't been used in many years.  This was the location of our original map of the area and is called "Thorn Creek". The start will be a short ways off Hwy. 55 on the road to Brundage Mountain Ski area:
Thorn Creek start area
There are no facilities at this location, but a toilet is a short distance away at the winter sports parking area.  There will be three levels of courses and beginners are welcome.  Be prepared for stream crossings, dense woods, mosquitos, and lets just say bring your "bear bells" if you got 'em.  Huckleberries should still be around for the picking, some come on up to some cooler weather.  Call for more info: 315-4826

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sixtothe20 said...

I'm looking forward to this! I'm a pure beginner, and hoping the highway stays open so I can make it up!