May 25, 2012

9th Annual Rabbit Creek

9th Annual Rabbit Creek O Meet Results

Ole considers his options.

Once again the Rabbit Creek O-Meet was held on a fantastic Owyhee Spring Day

Advanced Course 9K
 The 9K course for the 9th Annual Meet had 10 participants

Sergey Velichko, in a class of his own,  finshed the brutal course in 1:17 He was over 30 minutes ahead of 2nd place finsher David Murray.
Jeff Black, just 5 minutes behind David, edged out Ole Bergset for 3rd place.
Dondi Black handily won the women's division and tied with Toby, the winner of the quadruped division
Joe Walker, coming in from California, had by far the best average MPH if you take into account the miles he traveled from home

Sergey Velichco     1:17
David Murray          1:49
Jeff Black               1:54
Ole Bergset            2:08
John Murray            2:20
Doug Lamott           2:25
Jay Morgan             2:34
Bill Leahy                2:39
Dondi Black            2:59
Toby Black              2:59
Joe Walker             3:51

The advanced course consisted of two maps, ran consecutively. They appear below with Sergey's route marked.
Loop 1

Loop 2

Intermediate Course 4.7K
Only Russ Pilcher and Davis Gilton opted for the Intermediate course this year.
Russ Completed the Course in 1:48
Davis arrived a bit late to get all the controls but got a good taste of the terrain and layout of the Rabbit Creek Meet to be ready for next year!

Beginner Course 1.2K
The Anderson family; including Bruce, Lori, Marcus and Vikki had a great walkabout and learned a bit about orienteering in the process
We hope to see them again this summer!
Anderson family

Special Thanks

Thanks go to Russ for having the foresight to order in the incredible weather.
 It is probably the best idea he has had since he ordered the porta-potties for the Caldwell Challenge.
Thanks also go to Russ for vetting the advanced course and for his suggestion of dividing the course into two maps.

Thank you to Ellen Crosby. She hates orienteering, but seems to like orienteers. Ellen is quickly becoming the club's official event photographer.

Warm thanks go to Ole Bergset for returning on Monday with his "Norski Control Pickup Mobile" and bringing in the majority of the outlying controls!
Ole came close to high centering his Norski Mobile and adding a man-made feature to next years map

See you all next May 2013 for

10th Annual Rabbit Creek O-Meet !

Bill Pilcher... Director

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