February 6, 2012

One Score to Run Them All

As we cruise into February and continue with our foot warming park meet series, it's only apt to have a little variety with a Score orienteering meet - where you nab as many controls as you can muster in any order with a fixed time limit.  Come on out to the slightly expanded and revised map of Julia Davis and BSU to test both your speed and mental agility - or just a nice walk in the park to see a few corners you might not have noticed before.

Date:  February 11, 2012
Time:  Starts from 11am -12:30pm, course closes at 2pm.
Cost:  $5, or free to club members (a perfect time to renew if you haven't done so already)
Map:  Julia Davis/BSU (meet by the Friendship Bridge)
Course:  Score (all levels)
Time limit:  TBD for competitive and recreational classes
Bring:  compass, your winter running shoes (yes, the geese are around), and warm clothes as needed, and of course a waiver if you like to be prepared in advance.

For those of you who liked Andy's bridge control last meet, there is a similar unsuspecting control (or two) for you.  See you Saturday!

Jeff Black
Meet Director

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