January 28, 2012

Extra! Extra! Hordes of Orienteers Descend on Veteran’s Park

The morning of January 14 dawned grey and chilly, but, more than likely due to the base at Bogus Basin still being measured in inches, turnout was exceptionally heavy.   And this for a race at an event location that in January is generally only populated by geese whose feet happen to be frozen to the surface of Boise Cascade Lake.   A gratifying number of individuals new to the sport made their appearance, along with seemingly half the student body of  Riverstone School.

There were three courses that greeted the erstwhile navigators – a classic 1.26km loop Beginner course, a 4.18km, two-loop Motala on Intermediate, and a 7.25km, three-loop Motala on Advanced (Motala being Swedish for “how many times do I have to run in circles?”).    While both the Intermediate and Advanced courses were marred by map corrections that were less than obvious, most competitors still seemed to enjoy their runs.    The rest of ‘em…some people will whine about anything.   As feline philosopher Bill the Cat was fond of saying – Ppppffftttt!

A number of useful lessons were learned throughout the course of the day.   One, the clue sheet isn’t just for decoration (does “Bridge, top of, east side” ring any bells?).   Two, running a course on memory requires memorizing the correct control locations.   And, most importantly, logs over the water in winter are generally coated in ice, and the water beneath them is exceptionally cold.

Our upcoming meet is on February 11, where director Jeff Black no doubt has an outré urban orienteering experience planned for the Julia Davis / BSU venue.

I leave you with what you’ve all been patiently waiting for – the results (apologies to any and all parties whose names I couldn’t read on the results list).

Your January Meet Director…Andy Hill

Name Time
Nicholas & Jim & JJ Byrne 12:21
Max & Liz Vavricka 16:15
Liam, Sam & Katja Murray 17:40
Pat Harper 23:10
Lucas 34:20
Jacob Eldredge 34:35


Name Time
Ben Brock 35:05
Davis Gilton 37:05
Jacob Eldredge 37:45
Matt Schngu 40:00
Tatjana Toeldte 43:00
Todd Dinkelman 44:40
Karin Didisse 45:10


Name Time
Jeff Black 46:27
Sergey Velichko 50:13
Jay Morgan 52:54
David Murray 56:30
Greg Davidson 58:36
John Murray 60:09
Doug LaMott 62:06
Bill Leahy 66:15
Nicholas & Jim & JJ 75:30
Bill Pilcher 79:30
Melanie Schuster 81:27
Russ Pilcher 100:40

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rp1020 said...

Great meet, although I'm not sure publishing times was necessary.