November 14, 2011

Caldwell City Challenge Calm Conclusions

The Caldwell City Challenge has Concluded.

Sunday, November 13, 2011 saw eleven competitors converge on the City of Caldwell to compete in this inaugural  event.  There were eight CTOC party faithful and four newcomers: (1) my good friend and realtor, Randy Jensen, came with his best friend Henry, (2) Melanie Wright, a recent transplant from North Carolina, who found CTOC on the internet and decided to give us a try and (3) David Murray brought his friend Nick Yates and introduced him to the sport of Orienteering.  Melanie and Nick each won Goody Bags (furnished by CTOC's friend, Mike Shuman, of Shu's Idaho Running Company in Boise).

The weather cooperated creating a perfect day for orienteering and there were no complaints about the map nor the course, at least none formally submitted to the complaint resolution committee (i.e., Russ Pilcher).  By all accounts, a good time was had by all those who attended and all finished within the three hour time limit (eliminating the unpleasant task of assessing penalty points).  Donuts and Hot Coffee (Thanks Bill) were available before the meet while competitors plotted their strategy and Hot Chili, Cake, and Apple Cider (Thanks Caroll) greeted their return.

Here are the "Official Results":
"On Foot" Division
1  Sergey Velichko        2:32    980 points (the fastest time and a perfect SCORE!)
2  Jeff Black                    2:47    940 points
3  Ole Bergset                2:58    900 points
4  David Murray
       and Nick Yates        2:56    890 points
5  Bill Pilcher                  2:56    870 points
6  Karin Didisse             2:44    710 points
7  Randy Jensen   
      and Henry DeDog    2:56    310 points

"On Bike" Division
1  Andy Hill
      and Elijah DeSon      2:56    960 points
2  Melanie Wright            2:32    420 points

Each of the 36 points was visited by at least 4 competitors.  Two points were visited by ALL competitors: the Canyon County Courthouse and the Victorian Style Historic Isaacs House.  Detailed, point by point, results are attached (Excel converted to .gif for blog purposes).

Many thanks go to Caldwell's Parks and Recreation Department for furnishing the venue; to Mike Shuman for Shu's Idaho Running Company's continuing support of our club and the "Goody Bags"; to my good friends and neighbors, Mel & Bev, for helping with the preparations, results and cleanup, to my best friend and wife Caroll for the preparations, cleanup and the great Chili w/Condiments; and to my brother & co-director Bill for his OCAD mapping skills and course vetting (hence, the confusion on how he got the wrong answer on point 28?).

Russ Pilcher
Cool and Crisp City-Coordinator DeCTOC-Club

PS:  I'm still accepting complaints/protests (just ensure they're postmarked by November 13, 2011)

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