September 6, 2011

National Orienteering Day

Welcome to National Orienteering Day!
On Saturday, September 17th, our club is pleased to present the Boise events for National Orienteering Day. This is a great meet to get acquainted with the sport for the first time, or a refresher after a long absence from your compass. Experienced club members will be on hand to help explain the basics. Stewart Gulch, Hillside Park and the area surrounding Hillside Junior High offer a pleasant introduction to orienteering maps without actually being lost!

Meet location: Hillside Junior High, in the parking lot near the northeast corner of the building.
Start times: 11am-1pm - you may arrive within this window to try a course, as participants start separately a few minutes apart.
Things to bring:
1. your trusty compass, or you may rent one from the club for a nominal fee.
2. a signed waiver to save you some time signing up when you get there - but we will have blanks handy.
Cost: Cheap, our usual monthly meet fee for nonmembers: $5 per individual, or $7 for a group sharing a map. Or if you're a club member, it's included!

You can choose a course that's right for you. We have a course for beginners who have never held a compass or thought about maps. This course is suitable for small children and strollers. We have an instructional course for newcomers who want to learn the essential skills to finding their way around new terrain. This course comes with a guide to its use to supplement any instruction you might receive from one of our experienced members. It requires some walking up and down hills, mostly on trails, with some off-trail travel. And, as always, we will have some more challenging courses for our experienced orienteers. Whether new to orienteering or an accomplished competitive navigator, there's a course for you.
See you on September 17!

John Murray

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