March 5, 2011

Results: Willow Lane / Veterans Park Score Meet

A big "Thanks" to all of you who came out for the Willow Lane Score Meet. It was a beautiful day and perfect weather for a walk or run in the park. There were 140 total possible points spread out over 21 controls. And the time breakdowns for each course were 25 minutes for Beginner, 35 minutes for Intermediate, and 45 minutes for the Advanced course with a 5 point penalty for each full minute over.

Jeff Decker got things started early on the Intermediate course and finished in the top spot. David Bergset finished well under the allotted 35 minutes but felt like he'd had a good run. And Joanne and Joe had no intention of racing the clock. They were determined to find every control.

David Stocks and his brother Ryan decided to have a little friendly family competition, each going out with a parent on different courses. David made a mad sprint for the finish to beat his brother by only one second (we won't split hairs that they were on different courses). We're looking forward to seeing the Stocks family at future events.

The Advanced course tested everyone, with only three competitors reaching all 21 controls. Jeff Black took a narrow victory of only 25 seconds over Sergey. Jay Morgan thought the course was so enjoyable that he decided to run it twice, working on improving his efficiency he was able to shave 10 minutes off his previous time. Other great finishes to note came in from Melanie edging out her partner Greg, and Ole beating out Bill Leahy by one minute but both had the same points.

Please join us for our next meet at Ann Morrison on Saturday, March 19th.

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