March 21, 2011

Results: Ann Morrison Classic Meet

A prudent person would have heeded the forecast calling for rain, rain and more rain by orienteering at the mall. The daunting weather forecast did not deter 20 stalwart orienteers who were rewarded by a occasional patches of blue sky in a surprisingly mild and dry day as they attacked controls at Ann Morrison Park.

Jake Tadje negotiated the Beginners’ Course to take first place and meet one of the requirements for his Boy Scout merit badge. Aleksi Morgan grabbed second place while Dondi introduced her friend Tammy to orienteering. Carolyn Flynn, her daughter Susie Wolfskiel and grandson Tyson walked away with first place in the Stroller Division. Actually, Tyson rode to victory.

Beginners Course - 7 Controls - 1.61 K
Jake Tadje 0:23:00
Aleksi Morgan 0:24:15
Dondi Black & Tammy 0:39:01
Carolyn Flynn, Susie & Tyson Wolfskiel 0:56:09

The team of Melanie and Jamie Schuster topped the Intermediate Division with a 39 minute performance. Renee Kline got back in the groove with a respectable second place. While shadowed by his father, Liam Murray, our youngest competitor at 6, navigated the intermediate course to earn a third place. Close behind were our new members David (7) and Ryan (10) Stocks. We are delighted to welcome the Stocks family to CTOC. They recently moved to Boise from Adelaide, Australia.

Liam on a run

Ryan spikes #2 while David consults the map.

Intermediate Course - 13 Controls - 3.53 K
Melanie & Jamie Schuster 0:39:00
Renee Kline 0:43:53
Liam Murray 0:52:45
David Stocks 0:53:12
Ryan Stocks 0:57:15

In the Advanced Division Jeff Black set the standard covering the 6 kilometers in 32 minutes. Erik Bergset bested his father’s worthy performance. And worthy it was as Ole outran men half his age. Jeff Harvey came to his first orienteering meet on Saturday to develop his navigation skills for adventure racing. We are looking forward to giving Jeff some fun challenges in the coming months.

Garth Summey leaves 5 Jay Morgan goes to 6.

Advanced Course - 18 Controls - 5.76 K
Jeff Black 0:32:00
Erik Bergset 0:35:02
Jay Morgan 0:37:16
Ole Bergset 0:39:10
Greg Davidson 0:39:20
Jeff Harvey 1:05:55
Garth Summey 1:35:00

Ole on a long run. How did Ole run that fast? He’s even older than I am!

This was my first experience as a meet director. I suppose it was possible to do it alone, but it would have been a much different meet without all of the advice and assistance from seasoned orienteers. Sergey generously took the time to spell out the criteria for a suitable course and introduced me to CTOC procedures. When Sergey was called out of town on business Jeff Black seamlessly guided me through preparation of the maps. Andy Hill’s critique dramatically improved the clarity of the Advanced Course maps. Thanks to Ellen for the cookies with custom orienteering messages and to Ole for help picking up the controls.

On Saturday, April 23 at Stewart Gulch East we begin our season of orienteering in the hills. Looking forward to seeing all of you there.

John Murray

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