January 25, 2011

Foggy plains of Julia Davis park

Surrealistic planes of the Julia Davis park under blanket of early morning fog. Good start for a thriller but instead it is about our January meet :) New map additions and advanced courses attracted our usual crowd of hard core navigators. Jonah shadowed by Mike covered beginner course around the Zoo in 32:51. Peter Beckner blasted through the intermediate course in 53:14 while Masha fresh after her advanced cross-country team training did it in 41:28. Advanced course saw a heated battle of our seasoned veterans. Jeff took (again) first place with nice margin followed by Doug and Jay. All results are below.

Project on map expansion and merging our green belt parks continues and promises to allow for really interesting courses in future.

Call of the Wild! adventure meet together with the Boise Library and other patrons of the community reading project is February 12. For more details see our web site http://ctoc-boise.blogspot.com/

Masha and Sergey Velichko

Beginner: 2.1K, 8 controls
Jonah and Mike Bading 32:51

Intermediate: 4.3K, 15 controls
Peter Beckner 53:14
Masha Velichko 41:28

Advanced: 7.6K, 26 controls
Jeff Black 48:18
Doug LaMott 54:43
Jay Morgan 55:09
Lee Scott 57:02
Mike Bading 57:59
John Murray 1:04:38
Melanie Schuster 1:16:01
Renee Kline 1:17:13
Garth Summey 2:22:51

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