August 25, 2010

New Blood Draws Some Blood

BSU / Julia Davis / Ann Morrison Score course

Saturday, July 17

Attendance for the July meet was pretty thin, even for a mid-summer meet.   However, those who did attend had the pleasure (and some pain) of seeing what a brand-new course designer (Elijah Hill) had to offer.

The Beginner course was a standard 1.6km loop in Julia Davis Park.   Newcomer Liam Murray blazed through the course in just over 30 minutes (give him a couple of years to get some leg length, and Sergey better look out!), but was narrowly edged out by Ellen Crosby.

The meat of the meet :-) was a 16-control score course spread over both the BSU / Julia Davis and Ann Morrison maps, with a calculated optimum route of 8.45km, maximum number of points of 200, a time limit of 45 minutes, and a 5-point-per-full-overtime-minute penalty.    Unlike the usual score course, where the most “valuable” controls were the most distant, the point value of the controls was intentionally biased with a number of close, high-value controls to make it easier for a slower but more strategic thinker to outscore someone trying to bag all 16 controls.   Not sure how this worked out in practice – it may have been too complex of an idea, but it was an interesting twist.   In an upset victory, Jeff Black took a calculated risk to go overtime in order to bag an additional 20 pointer, and the resulting net 5 points (20 points minus the 15 point overtime penalty) was enough to edge out Sergey, who was unable to find one of the Ann Morrison controls in a very, very vague area of the map (he did, however, find pretty much every bramble in the area).   Bill Leahy did an excellent job of time management to come in just under the penalty time.    Unfortunately, Masha came in early, not knowing how to get from Julia Davis to Ann Morrison…bit of an oops! from a course design standpoint.

Thanks to co-meet director Lee Scott for lending a huge hand with both control setting and control pickup on meet day – this would’ve really painful without his help.

Thanks to everyone who came out – see ya in McCall – Sunday, August 29th!

Andy & Elijah

Hey!  Can’t forget the meet results --





Ellen Crosby 31:20
Liam Murray 32:17






Raw Points

Adjusted Points

Jeff Black 48:12 200 185
Sergey Velichko 44:25 180 180
Bill Leahy 45:30 135 135
Masha Velichko 35:04 100 100

And no meet report is complete without some cool pics!

Liam Murray punches in a the final control on the Beginner course…

orienteering 074 

Sergey tries to remove all billion cheatgrass seeds from his shoes while Masha plots a course to the nearest Starbucks….

orienteering 082

Coursesetter Elijah Hill finishes strong after picking up the Beginner course…

orienteering 088

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