August 30, 2010

Bear Basin Results

Our good luck with meet day weather ended this weekend with cold drizzlie conditions for the Bear Basin orienteering meet. We had a good turn out nevertheless and no actual reports of frostbite, but maybe a bit of hypothermia. It was discovered that the mountain bike trail making faeries had been busy with two new trails suddenly appearing a couple of days before the event right in an area that I had a couple of controls. Too late to map the trails, I had to simply warn people that there were unmapped trails on the map. This caused people to not trust any of the trails and caused some problems for a couple of the competitors, this and time constraints led Jeff B. to a rare dnf (did not finish). The trail faeries also have been busy turning old forest service roads into single track bike trails (quite a trick!) so there will be lots of changes on the Bear basin map in the future.

McCall local Ben Hipple tried the intermediate course with very good results beating out an entusiastic Andy and Elijah who might have been somewhat slowed down by good huckleberry picking found at one of their controls. The advanced course had some close competition between Ole, Lee, and Bill. Dondi took her mother Frankie and dog Toby for a tour of Litttle Bear Basin, unfortunately unable to find some of the controls on what turned out to be a difficult beginner course, which I have dubbed "Short Intermediate" because of it's difficulty. Luckily no new people showed up to try it.

Thanks for the good turnout and to helpers on control pickup: Andy, Elijah, Bill P., Ole.
- Karin Didisse

Advanced 6.3km
Sergey Velichko 51:48
Ole Bergset 1:21:25
Lee Scott 1:38:42
Bill Pilcher 1:40:39
Russ Pilcher 2:04:17
Jeff Black dnf

Intermediate 5.8km
Ben Hipple 1:07:40
Andy & Elijah Hill 1:50:15
David B. & Neva dnf

"Short Intermediate" 2.2km
Jeff D. & Donna G. 1:08:10
Dondi B. & Frankie & Toby dnf

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