June 12, 2010

Gold Rush conditions update

An update on conditions and preparation:

1. The roads and terrain have dried out nicely in the past week, making everything quite drivable and the area quite beautiful. The weather was ideal today for orienteering.
2. ATV and motorcycle traffic has picked up with the weather, so be careful driving in. I still expect our start area to be as stated; there are a couple of RV's camped out nearby but it's relatively quiet. When running on the courses be aware of similar traffic on the roads and motorcycle trails that cross the woods.
3. Given the wet spring, it is probably best to be prepared for mosquitos and such. Although I haven't noticed any myself, I have been constantly moving for setup, so they aren't obvious. Dondi noted that when seated in one area for a period of time they are there.
4. We will have a few snacks at the start/finish table too, along with water. I have not planned any water on the course right now, but if it looks like it will be hot I may drop a jug off in the middle of intermediate and advanced. Bringing your own hydration will let you be best prepared for what you need.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


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