May 26, 2010

Rabbit Creek Orienteering & Crawdad Feast Results

The 7th annual Rabbit Creek Orienteering Meet was well attended by not only orienteers but, also for the first time, by crawdad aficionados.
Thanks to Russ the crawdad feast was great and a few lucky crawdads even found their way into the Rabbit Creek pond. Maybe next year we will be self sustaining!
Unfortunately for those of you competing in the crawdad feast, it appears that Russ neglected to weigh the crawdads as they were dispensed to each participant. Because of this oversight it appears we will have to consider this portion of the competition as simply a fun match this year.
Fortunately Bill did remember his responsiblitly to record the times for the orienteers on the classic O-courses. Therefore at least that portion of the meet was a success!
Sergey smoked the advanced course, with no close competetion (1:06) and achieved his goal of exactly cutting in half the time of the chief crawdad cook, Russ Pilcher, (2:12), who ran the course the evening before. It would have been awesome if Sergey would have run the course forwards and then backwards in the time that Russ ran it once, but then he probably wouldn't have gotten any crawdads from the cook.

However, second place on the advance course was hotly contended with Jeff Black taking the honors at 1:31. Jay Morgan 1:34 and Bill Leahy 1:36 were hot on Jeff's tail. Jason Pilcher and John Murray completed the course in respectable times. Joe Walker ( I originally thought that "Walker" was his last name not his prefered method of locomotion) brought up the rear but that was only because he was distracted by a herd of beautiful wild horses.
The intermediate course was won handily by Eric Bergset 0:54 again with no close competion. As in the advanced course, second place was very close, with Karin Didisse 1:39 taking the honors for 2nd place followed closely by Jeff Decker at 1:41, Brad Lowe and Dawn Caldwell at 1:42 and Joey Davis with Erin Lane at 1:43. David Bergset with Neva Suarez and Charlie Solomon also did a great job on the Intermediate course and both possibly would have been in the running for crawdad champion had Russ been keeping tally.

Jeff Black went back out on the beginner course and pulled it down in 0:13 but was disquaified because HE IS NOT A BEGINNER!! Dondi Black, Linda & Lexi Leahy and Robbie Solomon were great sports and took in the beginner course around the ranch too!

Sergey Velichko 1:06
Jeff Black 1:31
Jay Morgan 1:34
Bill Leahy 1:36
Russ Pilcher 2:12
Jason Pilcher 2:21
John Murray 3:07
Joe Walker 3:48
Eric Bergset 0:54
Karin Didisse 1:39
Jeff Decker 1:41
Brad Lowe
& Dawn Caldwell 1:42
Joey Davis
& Erin Lane 1:43
David Bergset
& Neva Suarez 2:06
Charlie Solomon 2:46
Jeff Black 0:13
Dondi Black 0:26
Linda &
Lexi Leahy 0:58
Robbie Solomon 0:58

Bill P. (converted to blog post hastily by Jeff)

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