July 22, 2009

July's O Meet Summary

While the temps reached 106 on Saturday it wasn't too bad under the shade tents where we had plenty of seats and plenty of liquids.

Beginner course and Intermediate course participants were allowed to review their maps before embarking on their journey, but not so for advanced runners. This probably worked out to the meet directors advantage since it didn't allow for much discussion when they saw where the first control was located (see advance course and intermediate course maps attached below). I'm especially not sure Jeff B. was appreciative of the placement since he'd run a 13 mile warm up prior to the meet.

The advanced course was contested by 6 people (5 individual groups). It was a tight competition between Michael, Ole, and Jeff B. with Michael nipping Ole by 26 seconds. Good thing he waded all those streams to save time! As per Michael this is his first win at a CTOC meet. Congratulations Michael! Erik finished in 4th place with a time of 1:11. He's showing that he's quickly picking up this sport. Watch out Ole he's coming for you! Rounding out the advance course were Greg and Melanie - their second course of the day.

The intermediate course appeared to be the popular course based on the heat and the shorter distance as compared to the advance course. Being a bit fresher on this course, Greg and Melanie finished first in 44:18 followed closely by Karin in 45:58. Then came Jim and Nicholas Byrne in 1:11:20 (Nicholas is only 8 yrs old). A couple of folks had difficulty finding control #7 (same as #14 on the advanced course). It was difficult to find as the clue was elusively described as a clearing which was subjective as compared to surrounding vegetation. It wasn't a "bingo"* control but it was a tough control to locate.

On the beginners course, Nicholas Byrne didn't get enough of a workout on the intermediate course with his dad so he undertook the beginners course by himself. He finished in 11:06. We also had the Gasaway family, whom we've seen at prior meets, complete the beginners course. They then went out on the intermediate course until the Gasaway boys were lured by the cool waters of Veterans pond (who can blame them). We also had Heather Steele and her family (I believe there were 5 of them) come out and do the beginners course and learn how to use a map and compass. Thanks for joining us!

Many thanks to my co-director, Lexy Leahy, for helping set up and break down the registration area, and also for handling the registration, fee collection, start times, finish times and elapsed times.

Thanks to JJ Byrne, age 5, who was nominated as our co-co-director in charge of compasses. He provided great entertainment.

Control pickup on such a hot day by Donna Goodwin, Jeff Decker, and Ole Bergset was very much appreciated. These folks, plus Karin (and Lexy), also helped break down the registration area. Thanks again!

Thanks to eveyone for coming out on such a hot day and making the meet a success!

The next meet is Sunday, August 23rd up in McCall at Bear Basin. Hope to see you there!

(* - a bingo control is a control that you have to stumble over to find. It's just luck that you found it.)


Michael Bading 1:04:27
Ole Bergset 1:04:53
Jeff Black 1:06:14
Erik Bergset 1:11:20
Greg Davidson, Melanie Schuster 1:32:50 (2nd course)

Greg Davidson, Melanie Schuster 44:18 (1st course)
Karin Didisse 45:58
Jim & Nicholas Byrne 1:11:20 (Nicholas' 1st course)
Jeff Decker 46:59 (missed #7)
David Byrd 57:56 (missed #7)

Intermediate (Recreational Division):
Joe Gumiensky 1:37:50 (missed #7)
Donna Goodwin 1:47:50 (misse#5, #7)

Nicholas Byrne 11:06 (2nd course)
Gasaway Family 15:27
Heather Steele & Family 1:07:45

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