May 26, 2009

Rabbit Creek Meet Results

The 6th Annual Rabbit Creek Orienteering Meet On May 17th was a very challenging course, in terms of terrain, distance, weather and technical placement of controls. It was well over 90 degrees on the steep open hillsides. The course exceeded 10K in very difficult terrain.

Sergey was the only competitor to finish the advanced course in under 2 hrs. Jeff Black, Bill Leahy and Ole Bergset fought it out for second place with all three hovering aorund 2 1/2 hours. Jay Morgan squeaked in with a 2:56 making it just under the 3 hr traditional qualifying time. Eric Bergset posted a respectable time of 3:26 but neglected to actually punch the control at point 12*, he claimed he was distracted by the water stop and a gnome. A gnome? We need to check and see if anyone else saw a gnome while they were on the course. Russ Pilcher actually punched all the controls but was a tad over 4 hours, but he gets credit for gutting out the difficult course.
David Bergset and Neva Suarez teamed up to get a bunch of the controls and baked in the sun for 2:35, but cut out a significant loop to get back for the beer and tacos while there was still some left. Brad Lowe came in early and didn't have enough time to finish the rigorus course.

Ted Vavricka and Joe Gumiensky were the only competitors to actually complete the Intermediate course with Ted having the best time in just under 2 hrs. Karin Didisse accustomed to mountain weather set out on the intermediate course but packed it in after almost an hour and a half because of the heat. Masha Velichko started out on the intermediate course but wasn't feeling well and had to return after just a few controls.

We had just 2 groups take in the beninner course just for the fun of it! Bill and Lisa Morrow with Paul Mann were getting some ideas for their boy scout troup. Robbie and Charlie Solomon also took a loop around the begginer course to stretch their legs.

Special thanks to Russ Pilcher for the awesome hats with the Rabbit Creek Logo and for the 3' X 5' flag of the Rabbit Creek Logo that we can use for many years to come. Thanks also to Dee Verti for cooking all the lasagna for campers on Saturday night and all the tacos for the meet on Sunday!


Sergey Velichko 1:45
Jeff Black 2:29
Bill Leahy 2:32
Ole Bergset 2:37
Jay Morgan 2:56
Eric Bergset 3:23*
Russ Pilcher 4:22
David Bergset and
Neva Suarez DNF
Brad Lowe DNF


Ted Vavricka 1:50
Joe Gumiensky 2:53
Karin Diddise DNF
Masha Velichko DNF

Beginner: (non competitive)

Bill and Lisa Morrow
with Paul Mann

Robbie and Charlie Solomon

See you all at the Western States Championships in Idaho City in June!

Bill Pilcher, Meet Director

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