February 28, 2009

Meet Results: Little Bear Basin

Here are the results from this weekend's ski-orienteering event at Bear Basin. The conditions were perfect for skiing and driving, dry roads and freshly groomed, accurately mapped trails. I tried a new thing with the maps and printed them on glossy paper and we found they held up well to the rigors of ski-O even unprotected by plastic.

Attila was there bright and early and came in first with an impressive time, I think he's done this before- probably in Europe. Doug came in quicker than Jeff but unfortunately it hadn't been made clear to him and the Sue/Dave/Patrice group that the controls needed to be visited in numerical order and my course design made other routes more tempting. Bob crawled out of his sick bed and put in a respectable time on the novice course and even helped pick up the controls afterwards. The snow was really enjoyable and quick skiing I noticed when I went out for control pick up.
- Karin Didisse, meet director

Advanced Course 5.4km (8.8 actual):
Attila Nagy 42:00
Jeff Black 53:45
Doug Mastaler 46:40
Sue Edwards, Dave Tuttle, Patrice Davies 2:49:00

Novice Course 2.3km (3.3 actual)
Bob Didisse 36:32
Egnew family dnf

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