January 4, 2009

Start the Year with a Score

Greetings in the new 2009: come on out and warm up your legs with a Score course park meet on our Willow Lane and Veteran's Park combo map. Time is Saturday, January 17th. Starts are in the Willow Lane parking lot near the river, from 11-1. You'll have the opportunity to grab as many controls as you like in a given time limit. Things will be simple in this meet - all will have the same map, and we'll simply have a recreational class (for those out for a nice walk and a little map reading) and a racing class (for those looking for a workout, or enjoy the competition). Control points vary by difficulty and distance.

A few notes worth remembering this month: per park rules, no dogs at Willow Lane; the course will close at 2pm; bathrooms in Willow are closed for the season (but should be open in Veteran's); and of course, dress warmly...especially if you'd like a little training in advance (come between 10:30 and 11), or plan to talk through the route choices after you finish.

Over the hill and through the woods, to control points we go! Hope to see you soon!

Meet Director, Jeff Black

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