November 17, 2008

Meet Results: Night-O - 11/15/08

City of Trees Orienteering Club held their monthly meet at Simplots Sports Complex. The meet was held in the form of a night time orienteering commonly called Night-O. The event had 3 courses: advance (18 controls), intermediate (8 controls), and beginning (4 controls).

In spite of all the rain earlier in the week the course was reasonably dry with only a few locations still muddy along the hillside in the southwest section of the course. The evening and night temperatures were brisk but otherwise a beautiful clear night. The night had a near-full moon but moonrise was well after the event was over.

The start was at 5:30PM however most participants waited another 20-30 minutes until darkness before starting the course. Donna Goodwin took advantage of the few remaining minutes of light and started on the intermediate course followed by Sergey and then Masha both on the advance course.

The largest number of participants was the advance course. All 7 individuals and one group completed the competitive course and punched all 18 control points. Lee Scott clocked the fastest time with an impressive 26min 58sec time followed by Jeff Black 56 sec behind. Sergey landed in third place while sporting a new pair of trail running shoe (available only at selected retailers) which he quickly christen with a nice layer of mud while running the course. Michael Bading finished in fourth place but won the unofficial category of the brightest headlamp. Given the close proximity of the airport, I wondered if a few confused pilots may have mistaken it for runway lighting.

The intermediate & beginner courses had unusually high number of participants thanks in part to the impromptu actions of four participants who created an unofficial tri-category by running all 3 courses. Once again Lee Scott lead the way with fastest times and Jay Morgan following close behind by just seconds.

We had two parties who completed course in the hikers category. Gregory Corlett & family (Samantha & Tyler) who successfully punched all 4 control points of the beginner course. Andy Hill & family (Elijah, Rosie, ?) who successfully punched all 8 control points of the intermediate course.

A big thanks to our co director Doug LaMott for help in course setting, registration and take down. Donna Goodwin who help during the event and afterwards with control pickup.

Thanks to Jeff Black who worked endlessly to help make my first o-meet as director a success. Andy Hill for printing & delivering all the maps.

Our next meet is on Saturday, December 6th at 11AM. This will be a classic-O in Julia Davis Park/BSU.

Advanced Course: Competitive
Lee Scott 26:58
Jeff Black27:54
Sergey Velichko29:43
Michael Bading31:01
Bill Leahy37:22
Jay Morgan37:50
Masha Velichko43:45
David Bergest/Neva Suarez51:38

Intermediate Course: Competitive
Lee Scott 15:03
Jay Morgan15:13
Jeff Black15:39
Michael Bading16:37
Donna Goodwin36:24

Beginner Course: Competitive
Lee Scott 05:57
Jay Morgan06:13
Jeff Black06:17
Michael Bading06:44

Intermediate Course: Hikers
Andy Hill & Familyall 8 controls

Beginner Course: Hikers
Gregory Corlett & Familyall 4 controls

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