April 25, 2024

Eagle Rock O Meet - April 2024

It was a lovely spring day in Boise and the flowers were starting to show off at our Eagle Rock (formerly know as Old Pen) Meet on April 20th.  We had a great mix of veterans and new orienteers join us for a good leg stretch and the first real elevation of the season. 

The Eagle Rock map was first developed by John and used in April 2021 by Christy, so the return to the map was a welcome addition to the line up for an early Spring meet.  Thankfully the Idaho weather cooperated and we were in store for a healthy dose of sunshine, creating favorable conditions on the many trails that have received considerable rehab and special consideration for usage post Tablerock fire and subsequent damage via erosion.  The sunshine also contributed to the special orienteering tradition of hanging out at the finish line consulting others on their route choices and refining the craft.  With our next meet at the Rabbit Creek venue (including potluck), this was a small dose of the wonderful conversations that will be had amongst new and old friends - ranging from "Those kids can sure run fast these days" to "That was where I missed a turn" to "How does a lawyer from Vermont end up in Boise??"  

Thank you to our 30+ orienteers for their enthusiastic participation!  Make sure to check out the Meetup App group for City of Trees Orienteering Club for our upcoming meets.  There are going to be several new maps to enjoy over the summer, courtesy of Sergey and John's hard work, plus the fan favorites (such as our next meet on May 19th @ Rabbit Creek in the Owyhees). 

Special shout outs to: 

John Murray for his patient assistance in map updates and teaching me to finer points of OCAD usage. 

Derek Duval for his wonderful support in picking up the highest elevation controls after these tired feet and brain were ready for a cold beverage.

Vicki Dodd for her willingness to be a hiking companion during the map scouting process and helping me set out controls at 7am on a chilly spring Saturday.

Below are the finishing placements for the event:

15 controls completed

Ted Smith @ :37

Torin/Angela @ :52 (and might I add, they beat the teens they drove there!)

Derek Duval @ :56

Clint/Cooper @ :57

John Murray @ :59

Hugh/Jackson @ 1:01 (a fun ride home with your folks while they reveled in their win I am sure - get 'em next time!)

Kirsten Severud @ 1:02

Dave Byrd @ 1:14

Les Zebres @ 1:15

Dustin/Heidi @ 1:16

The Falcons @ 1:20

Leslie/John @ 1:30

Christy/Scott @ 1:35

The Squirrels @ 1:45

Cat/Brytney @ 1:51

John/Jan/Barb @ 2:03 (gave you the 15th control because you were so thoughtful to try and stay under 2 hour time limit to accommodate my busy schedule!)

Les Tortues @ 2:21 (gave you the 15th control as I picked up a hair too early - apologizes!)

12 controls completed

Donna Pitzer @ 1:50

6 controls completed

Jen/Ayla @ 1:30

2 controls completed (because I made her find her car via the O-Meet map after hiking Tablerock and taking the time to come say hello to me)

Crista Murray @:08

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