December 10, 2023

December 9 "Frost" meet at Ann Morrison park

It was really cold this past Saturday. At the time of courses' setup ice patches covered trails and paths, lakes and canal were frozen and grass was painted in silver colors. It didn't dissuade brave souls who came to enjoy outdoors and occasional sun picking trough the clouds.

Few images of happy finishers:

Most of participants took on intermediate course, five on advanced (could be 6 but I ran out of maps, next time I will print more!), there was one taker for sport course and one very large and happy family who tried beginners course.


Advanced  (5)            6.5 km  0 m 24 C 

   1  Derek Duval                      1:19:20 
   2  Bill Leahy                           1:21:40 
   3  Doug Lamott                      1:31:26 
   4  Cathryn Stauffer                 2:18:51 
   5  Christy Morris                     2:24:43 

Beginner  (1)            1.9 km  0 m  8 C 

   1  Sachi Family Kageyama      57:58 

Intermediate  (14)       4.1 km  0 m 16 C 

   1  Dustin Thomas                   31:42 
   2  Jason Russell                     41:53 
   3  Belen Hoobing                    45:11 
   4  John Murray                        52:21 
   5  Heidi Thomas                      53:10 
   6  Innes Wright                        53:21 
   7  Melanie Wright                    1:00:17 
   8  Carrie - Vicki Magnuson      1:17:53 
   9  Jerry Stewart                       1:35:08 
  10 Donna Pitzer                       1:35:49 
  11 Roy Tsuda                           1:40:13 
  12 Randy Rhude                      1:40:39 

       Eloise Hoobing                    mp 
       Dave Byrd                           mp 

Sport  (1)               3.8 km  0 m 16 C 

       Peter Paradis                      dnf 

Intermediate and advanced courses shared first 15 controls, also sport course shared many of intermediate controls. Take a look at course split times and compare to best to see where and how much you may lost.

Split times, WinSplits Online

2024 club schedule of events is being defined. Some already published on the right side. Consider joining the club as it makes all our events free for the year.

Hope to see you all enjoying outdoors next year! 

Happy Hanukah, Christmas, and New Year!



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