July 11, 2023


Bear Basin East orienteering meet July 9, 2023

It was a beautiful day to spend wandering around in the woods and those with an early enough start got to enjoy some of the cool mountain morning before the heat came on.    Sergey topped out those brave enough to attempt the challenging advanced course which made a tour of every part of the eastern Bear Basin map with varieties of terrain and lots of route choice options.  Late comer Melanie narrowly beat out John on the intermediate, dashing his hopes for a victory in their rivalry.  The intermediate runners got to join the advanced runners in experiencing a rough vague area with a control placed on a dam in a mosquito dense swamp, yet most were able to make it out of there before being bled dry.  The sport course provided a step up from a beginner course and a couple of groups were up for the challenge, and thanks to Cliff of Valley County SAR who came out for some navigation training.  Included is Sergey’s map with his route for the advanced course.
Thanks to Andy, Ole, and Sergey for helping with control pick up.

Anyone with pictures from the meet is welcome to post them on the Meet Up Bear Basin event page.

Karin Didisse, meet director

Sergey's route  











Advanced Course   7.8 km   16 controls

Sergey Velichko                          1:15

Ole Bergset                                  2:30

Andy Hill                                     2:48

Sean Howerton                            3:07

Ashley Boyd & Forrest                dnf









Intermediate Course   4.3 km   9 controls

Melanie Wright                            1:13

John Murray                                 1:14

Torin Ford & family                     1:28

Bob Didisse                                  1:47

Bill Pilcher & Dee                        2:35

Christy Morris & Scott                2:38

Jerry Stewart                                2:52

Ted Smith                                     dnf


Sport Course    2.6 km   9 controls

Maggie & Matt Vuturo               2:04

Ray & Lindsey Ramirez             dnf


Novice     1.9 km   9 controls

Cliff Steele (VCSAR)                     1:29

Intermediate Course

Sport Course

Novice Course

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