April 16, 2023

Fairmont Motala Results

Small area of the Fairmont park experienced interesting mix this past Saturday. When I just arrived in the early morning to place controls, about 30 knights in shiny armor were practicing their fencing skills under the tree canopy, a little later tennis players started to flock into the courts for their morning session. Little they knew that about 50 more would start coming at 10:00 am to enjoy motala loops with colored pieces of paper and compasses. Small urban area that surrounds the Fairmont park offered excellent opportunity for fun and refreshing motala courses where all courses used first loop, intermediate and advanced continues on second loop, and finally advanced runners completed with the third loop. School and church grounds, few office buildings and plenty of places to hangs controls provided a nice backdrop during sunny but chilly day.
Few newcomer groups tried beginner course while majority selected 2-loop intermediate. Kirstin (again!) edged John for the crown but John should be watchful for Eli who placed 3rd. New generation is coming to dominate the field! Bill and Jeff dueled on the advanced 3-loop course. Here are results:

Beginner Loop 2 km, 10 controls 
John Rail, Kolbe McGimis, Kyle McGimis, Bentley Dawley 0:48:10 
Elizabeth & Rebekah & Brad & Susan Rhoads 1:01:27 
Dennis Zattiero, Lance Zattiero, Jake Steel, Riley De Pew 1:11:05 

Intermediate 2 Loops 4 km, 20 controls 
Kirsten Severud 0:44:58 
John Murray 0:46:25 
Eli Arambarri 0:52:45 
Leslie Perez 1:05:00 
John Siebold 1:05:00 
Johny Spud, Chris Erwin, Marcus 1:10:18 
Cathryn Stauffer 1:10:21 
Austin Agosta 1:13:55 
Carrie Magnuson & Vicky Dodd 1:14:39 
Donna Pitzer 1:22:38 
Scott & Christy Morris 1:24:46 
Pete Paradis 1:35:48 
Micah and Friends 1:47:39 
Kim & Ray Tsuba 1:28 (DNF) 
Randy Rhude 1:28 (DNF) 

Advanced 3 Loops, 6.4 km, 34 controls 
Bill Leahy 1:04:23 
Jeff Harvey 1:20:31 

Let me know if I may misspell your name. Hope to see you all at our next annual Rabbit-O and social potluck on May 21st. Challenging courses, good food and friends around – this is the recipe for fun! 



TheDude said...

Sergey, Thank you so much. The detail on the maps were amazing. Hope to see everybody on May 21.

Jeff Harvey said...

Thanks Sergey. Great course and perfect day. Going to miss the 21st but see you in June.

Jeff Harvey