June 20, 2022

Castle Rock Traverse

I hope all enjoyed blue skies, bright sun, and abundance of flowers this past Saturday at Castle Rock traverse! Surprisingly for this arid area but surely refreshing knee deep mud near the creek put additional challenge for those who tried to fish lost shoes :) This is very difficult physically terrain due steep hills and knee high (some would say waist high in places) bushes that prompted to zigzag energetically. Lots of smiles and heated course discussion at the finish were good indicators that courses were challenging, fair, and memorable.  
Photo: Kirsten S. 
Staying on a selected line of sight was key to a successful finish. Lots of rock features are excellent landmarks to use for navigation as well as groups of trees, mainly on the sides and bottom of ravines. Flower season painted sides of the hills in colorful palitra. And views were certainly breathtaking, especially at the moments you reached to the control on the top of that hill :)
Photo: Andy H.

Beginner (6)2.0 km 0 m8 C
1Oat Team1:03:52
2Dobby Team1:15:34
3Peter Paradis1:18:49
4Marsella Mink1:20:27
5Kristy-Scott Morris1:23:21
6Sandra Wright1:36:27
Intermediate (5)2.9 km 0 m10 C
1John Murray1:25:30
2Dustin-Heidi-M Tomas1:37:18
3Ashley-Grace Boyd2:23:55
4Jerry Stewart2:24:02
Koko-Taylor Peepsdnf
Advanced (6)4.3 km 0 m16 C
1Kirsten Severud1:29:02
2Jason-Brend Russel1:45:02
3Bill Leahy1:47:44
4Ole Bergset2:13:50
5Andy Hill2:21:51
            Ryan Patterson                                        dnf   

Notable head-to-head competition between Team Oat and Team Dobby and Kirsten moving 
from the intermediate courses up posted the best time on the advanced course.

Split time are available at Castle Rock Meet Split Times

More meets are coming this summer! For the next couple we move to beautiful McCall area and in September to Edna Creek near Idaho City.
Photo: Andy H. 
See you out there!

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