October 24, 2021

Lucky Peak Meet Report

Rain on the day and night before the meet definitely helped to navigate smoothly via treacherous and physical terrain of the Lucky Peak gulches. Otherwise I would not see so many happy smiles on tired faces of the sport and advanced course participants. Blooming sagebrush and unstable steep grounds could be less merciful, indeed. Having a meet here in June may be even more blissful as vegetation would be soft and this is probably the best swimming place near Boise to take a dip in refreshing waters of the reservoir. Come here with map or not and enjoy it to the fullest! We had about thirty participants on all courses. Results and splits below tell a story of gains and losses of head to head race.

Advanced (7)6.5 km 200 m18 C
1Bill Leahy1:32:54
2Doug Lamott1:35:45
3Jeff Black1:46:14
4Melanie Wright1:46:51
5Karin Didisse1:54:45
6Andy Hill2:17:07

Jeff Harveymp

Intermediate (7)4.1 km 140 m13 C
1Ole Bergset1:18:20
2Jason-Reese Russell1:25:06
3Kirsten Severud1:27:37
4John Murray1:31:32
5John-Leslie Siebold1:55:22
6Christy Morris2:51:04
7Jerry Stewart2:53:21
Sport (2)4.0 km 130 m11 C
1Kevin-Royal-Davi Colley1:19:27
2Johnny Spud1:23:54
Beginner (7)2.4 km 60 m8 C
1Jamie-Evan Wallace23:33
2Katrina Wright41:08
3Shravik Sethi54:27
4Neil-Tigers Mercer56:23
5David-Giraffes Jenkins-Baker1:01:31
6Mariko-Shaylee-A Fisher1:04:36
7Osian-Mathew Fisher-Canantser1:07:29

Roy and Kim Tsuda opted for no punch honor system and finished sport course in 2:46.

The split times of the event have been added to the WinSplits Online database. These could be accessed at this link: Lucky Peak Meet Split Times

Many thanks go to Andy Hill who gracefully helped during setup and registration while I was settings last controls and to Katrina Wright for conducting a beginner clinic! You are the club core!

For those inclined to use in-distinctive vegetation boundaries for navigation I would like to reiterate that these will never be precise, would definitely change with seasons, and may never be relied upon to make good decisions. Instead try to use more solid objects in vicinity, like bend of a road or trail and compass, a distinctive tree and compass, just compass. Hope it may help the other time.

We had collected after the meet kid's coat, hat, and gloves, left on the table. Please let me know if it is yours and we will arrange transfer.

Hope to see you all enjoying our urban meet in November right here in Boise! We also started to define our next year events. Let us know what you would like to see or if you have ideas on new meet formats.



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