August 30, 2021

Alec & Owen on the last intermediate control

Bear Basin Meet Report Aug. 29, 2021

Sunday was a nice clear day starting out crisp but rapidly warming up.  Lots of  eager orienteers greeted the meet director as she finished up setting controls.  We had some good competition with close times and some ties, not expecting the competition to be so heated I only recorded times to the minute not second.  A couple of Karin's fellow local search and rescue members gave the sport a try, with SAR navigation instructor Brad insisting on going out on the advanced course his first time at an orienteering meet and doing very well with it.   We also had some scouts travel up from the Treasure Valley and Alex visited from the Cascade Orienteering Club.  Everyone seemed to find their respective courses challenging but succeeded in finding all the controls.  John and Kirsten's rivalry continues with Kirsten getting the win this time, despite John's advantage of having vetted several of the controls.  Many thanks to John M., Ole B., Andy H., and Sergey for control pick up, and Zach C. for photos, and to John M. again for all his help with mapping, vetting, and map printing.

Novice Course 1.9 km                           Time

Alex Hamling (C.O.C.)                                  0:42

Maggie Vuturo + ?                                         1:24

Shauna & Micah Enders (VCSAR)               1:32

Chloe & Steve Graepel                                 1:32

Intermediate Course   3.5 km.             Time

Jennifer Smackey                                            1:17

Janelle Wise + 4 kids                                      1:23

Torin, Angela, Jackson Ford                           1:23

Jon Pappas + 3                                                1:33

Boone & Greg Yerxa  + ?                               1:54

John & Leslie Siebold                                    2:03

Zach, Alec, & Owen Clayton                         2:28

Short Advanced   4.2 km.                     Time

Kirsten Severud                                             1:06

John Murray                                                  1:15

Andy Hill                                                       1:24

Jerry Stewart                                                  2:43

Advanced    6.4 km                               Time

Sergey Velichko                                            0:55

Ole Bergset                                                   1:54

Melanie Wright                                             2:20

Brad Wenger  (VCSAR)                               2:30

Innes Wright                                                 DNF

Kirsten's Short advanced route

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