July 26, 2021

Whoop Um Up Meet Report July 25, 2021

 I'm pretty sure that Jerry Stewart's standard for judging the quality of a new map is somewhat unconventional. Jerry completed the Intermediate Course, found all of the controls, and therefore judged the entirely new Whoop Um Up Map to be a good map. Although some of you might regard Jerry's standard to be comprised of equal parts subjectivity and self service, I am entirely pleased that he applauded my work, for whatever reason. Sergey, of course, brought the praise back into balance with a couple of observations including some of missing boulders in strategic locations. I can always count on Sergey for a useful, if not flattering, critique. Considering the time available to develop Whoop Um Up, we got a very useful map. And, who among the experienced orienteers is not pleased to put their skill against new terrain? None that I know.

Fireweed at Whoop Um Up--Andy Hill
Into each life a little rain must fall, but a whole creek? Andy had a problem with the map—not the kind of problem that usually comes to mind. He had some trouble reading it on the latter part of the Advanced Course. As I understand his problem, it started when he turned right off of the biggest cliff on the course instead of going more to the left. That led him to a creek that seemed a lot bigger than the mere rivulet where he thought he was. Undaunted, he crossed what he later realized was Edna Creek. If you had seen him splashing down the creek chasing his dropped map, you'd understand why he later had some trouble reading the smeared ink. Andy did recover and finished in his habitual good spirits. with a photo of the fireweed in blossom.

Jerry is usually the oldest orienteer on the course. Today we had the privilege of sharing our event with Dr. Peter Southorn, who came all the way from Rochester, Minnesota. He and his wife joined four other members of his Boise family. Tom Southorn and his family have become regulars on our Intermediate Courses.

We had six participants in the Advanced Division and eighteen in the Intermediate. No one took a Sport Map. Sergey's route is posted at the bottom of the report.

Zach Clayton missed the last meet at Castle Rock, offering the lame excuse that Stanford was awarding a masters degree to him on that date. I punished his absence by accepting his gracious offer to help pick up a bunch of Advanced controls on the south end of the course. Jerry, Kirsten, and Jennifer also helped pick up controls. I do greatly appreciate the courtesy of these people staying late, so I could get home at a reasonable hour.

It wasn't an orienteering problem that befell Jason Russell. He rode his motorcycle to Whoop Um Up. As I understand it, this new bike was due for service, at which point it was “protected” by the required entry of a PIN before starting. Jason didn't know the PIN. It would have been a simple enough matter to call his friend who had it in his email log. It would have been simple, if only Whoop Um Up had cell phone coverage. Andy chauffeured Jason back over More's Creek Summit into the range of a cell tower. Andy returned with Jason. The motorcycle started, and all was well.

I don't know how long Kirsten's string of victories in the Intermediate competition is. I do know that it grew one more victory longer today. Maybe someone will rise to the challenge and end it at Bear Basin on August 29. I'm looking for revenge from her lucky victory at Rabbit Creek. Be there to hear us talk smack before the Titanic struggle for Intermediate supremacy.

John Murray

Meet Director


Kirsten said...

Lucky win at the Rabbit-O, huh?

Jason R said...

Yes, A huge THANK YOU to Andy and the extended CTOC family for saving my bacon post race. Turns out the battery in the key fob died without warning.

Zach said...

Great meet description John! I'm glad that I could orienteer with CTOC again, and I'll be doing plenty of navel gazing in preparation for the upcoming Bear Basin meet :)