March 13, 2021

Julia Davis park and BSU campus meet

Gorgeous weather, lots of smiles, and fun! Nothing could be better for a nice spring day in a park.

Seems like seasoned pros and newcomers enjoyed courses. Judging by photos everyone had a great time.

We have results for all who selected to use our electronic punching system. Few people opted for an honor self-timed system. Here are electronic punching results.

CTOC meet at Julia Davis park and BSU campusSat 3/13/2021 8:09 PM
Resultscreated by OE2010 © Stephan Krämer SportSoftware 2017

Advanced (13)6.5 km 0 m26 C
130Erik BergsetAdv38:56
216Zach ClaytonAdv42:04
325Lee ScottAdv43:46
433Jay MorganAdv44:41
523Dustin ThomasAdv47:53
637Doug LaMottAdv48:38
75Bill LeahyAdv51:11
827Melanie WrightAdv52:37
910Jason RussellAdv55:02
1029Ole BergsetAdv1:00:30
1115John MurrayAdv1:01:56
1212Danielle & Megan DarraghAdv1:13:41
134Christy MorrisAdv2:04:18
Beginner (2)1.0 km 0 m6 C
139Don'tGetLOst PotatoesBeg26:28
213Christy + 2 XBeg43:13
Intermediate (16)4.5 km 0 m17 C
19Kirsten SeverudInt38:55
234Emily MorganInt38:58
314Jennifer SmackeyInt40:54
421Torin/Jackson/An FordInt44:43
528Katrina WrightInt48:52
67Andrew OlnesInt55:46
726Lauren/Teagan ScottInt59:46
88Carrie MagnusonInt1:06:23
919Michail + 1 FragkiasInt1:11:08
101Veronica FletcherInt1:11:55
1131Heather & Matt SteeleInt1:13:56
123Marcella MinkInt1:14:10
1324Donna P.Int1:16:20
142Jerry StewartInt1:17:50
1520Tera + 1 AndersonInt1:43:15
1638Lisa/Erica/Tasha Thoroughman/R.KellerInt2:05:27
Sport (6)4.0 km 0 m14 C

132Keely + 1 EliasonSport53:16
211Reese RussellSport1:01:55
336Natalya + 1 SmithSport1:02:01
46Britini GatesSport1:02:44
535Brett & Leslie SmithSport1:25:17
22Johny SpudSportdnf

Split time for each control on courses may be accessed using Winsplits link below. Use it to see how you stacked against best on the course and where you may lose time.

Split times, WinSplits Online

We will have a meet in April! Details are being finalized and will be published soon. We hope for the great spring weather! In May we plan for two meets: in the beginning our famous Rabbit-O and at the end Gold Rush near Idaho City. Get ready with your pan for some real gold!

Let me know if I may misspelled your name or your results may be missing (my email savelichko at yahoo dot com). We will correct.




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