February 18, 2013

February Meet Results - Sunny Ann Morrison

Gorgeous sunny Sunday while setting controls for coming meet and spooking unaware geese we thought about beauty of the day and hoped that many would come to enjoy outdoors.

And they came in all ages and skills! (Photos by Dondi, Jeff, and Sergey)


More experienced

And, of course, our experts :)


On advanced gruesome and long course the winner is... Russ!

For a thoughtful set of sushi and pork that was most popular among the finished crowd.

And for athletic spirit while competing against much, much, much younger opponents.

Time for results!

Beginner: 2K, 8 controls
Jeff, James, and Tess Eidson         17:45
Dondi and Toby                       30:50
Mark Schneider, Tara Hamilton,
Ella Haley, Jason, Cameron, and
Zoey Wendland                        1:05:56

Intermediate: 5.6K, 17 controls
Dustin Thomas, Quentin, Heidy, and
Madison                              1:24:35
Katrina and Melanie Wright           1:29:27
Brad Low and Dawn Caldwell           1:48:20
Jonah Little and Ethan Dixon         2:17:40

Advanced: 7.4K, 22 controls
Jeff Black                         45:02
Ben Brock                          49:00
Doug LaMott                        53:50
Jay Morgan                         55:50
Greg Davidson                      59:30
Melanie Schuster                   1:02:30
John Murray                        1:03:20
Mike Bading and Merril Hayden      1:04:50
Karin Didisse                      1:11:40
Dennis Ahern                       1:14:00
Russ Pilcher                       1:41:43

More photos (courtesy of Dondi, Jeff, and Sergey) are at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ctoc-boise/photos/album/1758184677/pic/list

We hope to see you all at CTOC next meet at Veterans park.


Masha and Sergey Velichko

February 2, 2013

February Meet at Ann Morrison park

Our next meet will take place with starts in Ann Morrison park February 17 (Sunday). Starts from 11 am to 1pm. Classic courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced runners. More advanced courses will venture into Julia Davis park and BSU campus. Hope to see you all enjoying outdoors!

Your meet directors,

Masha and Sergey Velichko