March 28, 2012

April Meet at Columbia Village

Our April meet is moved to Columbia Village due to prognosis of rainy days that make Boise Foothills un-passable to an average person. Please park at Columbia Village Recreation Center at 3655 E. Lake Forest Drive. Meet center will be right there.

Starts are 11 am to 1 pm and all courses will be closed at 3 pm. Our usual set of courses for beginners, intermediate, and advanced (long) is being designed to challenge your orienteering skills.

Hope to see you all there!

Masha and Sergey Velichko

March 19, 2012

Orienteering on St. Patrick's Day at Ann Morrison Park

Initially, I’d like to thank some of those who made this meet possible.  First, my brother Bill who devoted numerous patient hours tutoring me on the use of OCAD, assisted with field checking at Ann Morrison Park (which cost me a lost compass and some beer and pizza at the Flying Pie), printed the maps, furnished donuts & coffee at the meet and refused to let me store wet, soggy control bags in the club’s storage locker.  My wife, Caroll, and neighbors (Bev and Mel) who collated and water proofed the maps which were distributed throughout the Advance Course.   Good friend, Ole, who provided shelter during the cold, wet, pre-dawn hours while him & Bill divvied up the unpleasant task of setting out the controls in the rain (and they later retrieved these controls/hardware after the meet).  Ellen Crosby who captured and shared her excellent photographs, documenting the meet.  Relatively new CTOC member, Melanie Wright, who checked punches and helped w/times at the finish area.   Finally, my sincere thanks and appreciation go to all those who showed up and participated in this meet.

The Morgan Clan braving the elements.
There were three courses offered: a classic 1 mile beginner course with 8 controls, a classic 2 mile intermediate course with 10 controls, and a ‘non-classic’ 3 mile advance course with 17 controls.  ‘Non-classic’ in the sense that advance course participants were not provided a standard course map with control descriptions; but rather, they had to rely on maps secured to every other control throughout the course.   These maps would only present the next two controls with associated descriptions; thereby, requiring runners to utilize memory.  Once this new concept was explained to and understood by John Murray, I grew confident that any and all participants could understand it (except, as it turned out, for Sergey).  Sergey asked to see the meet director’s master map of the entire 17 control advance course after his time had started.  With seconds ticking, Sergey studied this map for approximately 2 minutes, returned it to the meet director and then took off with his familiar gait for point 1 completing the course without looking at any other map.  It remains undecided whether Sergey’s flagrant display of memorization skill constitutes a technical violation of the meet director’s unpublished rules.  Two other potential violations of these same unpublished rules were committed by Ben when he opted for efficiency by taking point 5S out of its ‘intended’ order and Todd when he focused on the map at 6M and forgot to punch. 
Sergey waiting for Bill to punch so he could get on with his life and the course.
Technical violations aside, here are the unofficial results  (please submit any protests,  printed and double -spaced,  along with a $15.00 'consideration fee' directly to the Meet Director):

** Perhaps opted for the local Pubs, as none showed up for the Beginner’s Course


Doug LaMott
Jeff Decker & Donna Goodwin
The Morgan Clan (Emily, Nikolai & Meksi)
Jeff Harvey


Ben Brock
Sergey Velichko
Greg Davidson
Jay Morgan
Jeff Black
Bill Leahy
Melanie Schuster
Todd Dinkelman
John Murray
Karin Didisse
Bill Pilcher
Doug LaMott
Melanie Wright

Our next meet is Saturday - April 7, 2012 at Stewart Gulch East.  Masha/Sergey Velichko will direct.  Since Sergey is not competing this would be a good chance for most of us to finish higher in the standings than usual.



March 5, 2012

Here's a chance...


Here’s a chance to pretend you’re Irish.  

The City of Trees Orienteering Club will provide you with an opportunity to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at Ann Morison Park, in Boise Idaho. There’s just one condition:  come prepared to run an orienteering course.  Three levels will be accommodated: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.  Don’t worry if you’re a beginner and have never orienteered before; there will be plenty of folks available to provide instruction and advice.  If you’re an advanced orienteer, you should start worrying.  You’ll find a new challenge with this year’s 5 KM course.  An Intermediate course is offered for those who have orienteered before and want more of a challenge than the beginner course but also want some time and strength left to visit their favorite Irish Pub later in the day.

The start and finish will be at the North East end of the park at the covered pavilion (just north of the Parks & Rec office).  If you enter the park from Royal Blvd, we’ll be set-up in the 1st parking lot immediately to the north.

Saturday, March 17
Start times: 11:00am - 1:00pm (course will be closed by 2:30 pm)
Ann Morrison Park

Fees:  $5.00 for non-members; free for members.
Contact Russ Pilcher at (208)965-9343 if you have questions.