June 30, 2011

Ponderosa Park, McCall, ID June 26 Meet Results

Boulders, boulders, boulders, and… deer – lots of them. We hope you had blast this past weekend in the Ponderosa State park in McCall, enjoying excellent weather, wild life, and challenges of tough woods. In places you had to push through the green and deadfall, in places you had to navigate steep hills but sometimes you would run across grassy meadows catching glimpses of a beautiful lake – this is bliss of Northwest terrain in its best incarnation. And we just scratched the surface with boulders :)

Easy beginner course around campgrounds attracted young, experienced and wise ones. Murray family (Liam, Sam, and Katja) finished in good 56:41. First time on the course Nancy and Howard Rittenger tried orienteering sport and found all controls in 56:41. Nikki Roth and Ray Honovich paired with Donna and Jeff to see the intricacies of map reading to blaze through the course in 24:57.

Intermediate course set in best traditions of orange course going to green level saw a heated competition among our seasoned pros, as well as a challenge for newcomers. Nikki and Ray right from beginner course tried more advanced one but had to cut it short due to some commitments. Ken with some experienced under his belt from past found 10 controls but had to finish as course was already partially removed. David, fresh and sparkling, claimed first place on the course. Elajah and Andy teamed for the 2nd and Russ strategically paced for 3rd position. Bob edged Donna and Jeff to take 4th place. Toby for sure found lots of extra controls (not to mention lots of deer) while Dondy persistently counted them one by one.

And, of course, advanced course was the toughest of them all with long legs and grueling up hills (at least one 75m!). Jeff again claimed first place, Andrea and Lee team was second, and Karin beat all those guys to claim third place on the podium. The rest of the results are below.

Beginner course: 1.6K, 6 controls, 10 m climb
Liam, Sam, and Katja Murray 56:41
Nancy and Howard Rittenger 46:19
Nikki Roth, Ray Honovich 24:57
Donna Goodwin, Jeff Decker 24:57

Intermediate course: 5K, 13 controls, 100m climb
David Bergset 1:29:23
Elajah and Andy Hill 1:38:24
Russ Pilcher 1:52:18
Bob Didisse 2:08:52
Donna Goodwin, Jeff Decker 2:09:36
Dondy and Toby Black 2:17:08
Ken Karcher 4:23:00 (10 controls)
Nikki Roth, Ray Honovich (8 controls)

Advanced course: 7.7K, 20 controls, 240m climb
Jeff Black 1:41:32
Andrea Bretz, Lee Scott 1:55:53
Karin Didisse 2:04:10
Erik Bergset 2:15:34
John Murray 2:29:51
David Murray 2:35:05
Bill Pilcher 2:51:54

We hope to see you all at our next July 23-24 meet near Idaho City on our Gold Rush Hills map!

Yours, meet directors
Dasha and Sergey Velichko

P.S. For those who are interested I timed myself while taking off all advanced course controls (that includes untangling and bagging controls). 1 hour was quite possible with a clean run :) Sergey

2:36 1:59 2:41 2:35 3:40 3:04 5:04 3:04 6:03 2:41 3:47 4:35 1:37 4:52 4:00 1:57 3:09 3:01 0:46 1:03 0:33 = 1:02:56

June 19, 2011

O Meet at Ponderosa State Park Sunday June 26

This is a reminder that our next regular meet is Sunday June 26 at Ponderosa State park in McCall, Idaho. Starts will be from 11 am to 1 pm near park Activities center. Please notice that there is entry fee to the park $5 per car. Follow our directional signs to the Activities center. You may extend the stay at the park arriving Saturday. Park has nice campgrounds and facilities with free hot showers close to our meet center. Reservation is highly recommended as the park is very popular during summer season. After the meet you may take a dip in the lake and catch some sun on the beach. It is really enjoyable area! Here is location of the park on Google Map. We hope to see you all at the meet enjoying outdoors and challenges of orienteering sport.

Your meet directors,
Masha and Sergey Velichko

June 8, 2011

Rabbit Creek-O Results

This year the Norwegian flag flew high over Rabbit Creek, in honor of Ole, his sister Elsa visiting from Norway and the Scandanavian origins of the sport of orienteering!
We had a great turnout for the Rabbit Creek Meet his year with around 30 participants!
The meet was follwed by a great spaghetti feast prepared by our club chef, Russ Pilcher with the assistance of Bill Leahy and Brad Lowe
Thanks to Russ for the cool Rabbit-O travel mugs too!
Advanced Results:
This was the third time a 4 hour time limit mini-rogaine was held at the Rabbit-O meet.
There were 24 controls spread widely over the 1:25,000 and 1:10,000 scale maps approx. 25km to get them all.
All controls were visited by at least one participant. But no one particpant visited all controls.
Jeff Black managed to visit 21 out of 24 controls (missing only DD, GG and NA) in 3:59 for a score of 37/42pts.
Ole followed close behind getting 19 of 24 controls (missing only BA, EA, LM, SA and ZZ) for a score of 32/42pts.
Jay Morgan was only 1 point behind Ole and did an awesome job of concentrating on the distant points with higher point values. John Murray did a great job on his first anniversary of orienteering only 1 point behind Jay!
Jeff and Ole used completely different strategies. Jeff got all the controls that Ole missed, and Ole got all the controls that Jeff missed so that between these two participants all controls were visited!
Jeff Black 37/42pts 21/24controls 3:59
Ole Bergset 32pts 19/24controls 4:00
Jay Morgan 31pts 16/24controls 3:56
John Murray 30pts 17/24controls 3:53
Bill Leahy 24pts 17/24controls 3:26
Jeff Harvey 16pts 9/24controls 3:52
Stocks Family 14pts 13/24contorls 3:36 (Visited all the controls on the 1:10,000 map)
Jason Pilcher 1pt 12/24controls 4:30 (16pts minus 15penalty overtime pts)
Joe Walker -7pts 13/24contorls 4:58 ( 22pts minus 29penalty overtime pts)
Intermediate Results
Intermediate Course was a classic 6km course entirely on the 1:10,000 scale map.
David Murray 1:42
Jereme Robinson 1:47
Brad McIntosh 1:47
Karen Diddis 1:52
Micahel Murray 2.55 (with Ellen Crosby, Liam and Jacob).
Jessie Chan 2:48 (with Chrissy Irish)
Brad Lowe 3:01 (with Dawn Caldwell)
Eric Bergset 3:33
Dondi Black DNF (with Toby and Crackers, came back early to give the dogs a rest)
Beginner Results
Two families tackled the beginner course on the 1:5,000 scale map
Jess Chan and Chrissy Irish zipped around the course in 45mins.
The Lokanathan Family explored for 1:42 around the ranch and found all the beginner controls.
Control Pickup
A new category with no time limit.
1st place: Russ Pilcher 31/32 controls in only 2.5days.
2nd place: Bill Pilcher 1/32 2mins.
Thanks to all for coming... See you next year
Bill Pilcher