August 26, 2009

Bear Basin Results
We had a great event out at Bear Basin this Sunday with nice cool weather and ripe huckleberries to distract and replenish the runners. There was couple of problems with the course setting and map that gave several people trouble. Joe and Ole had a lot of trouble with one control which had the wrong code number on it (number 8 on intermediate), and Masha had trouble because of an unmapped vehicle track near number 6. Naya was there for the superb single track mountain biking now available from that trailhead, and got talked into trying the o-ring with baby and dogs (reminiscent of Kristin Ritz) and did great. The intermediate course was rather challenging and saw a lot of use including somewhat newbies Joe and Deforest who gave it a game try and got most of it before calling it a day.

Our next event is National Orienteering day at Julia Davis park Sept. 19, this is a great time to introduce a new person to the sport! Also, please let us know if you can help out.

Also coming up is a two day "B"- meet near Bend Oregon Sept.12&13 put on by our neighbors the Columbia River Orienteering Club (CROC). This will be held at Dutchman Flat in the shadow of Mt. Bachelor on a terrific map created for the US Champs in 2005. Go to for more info. I hope some of you can make it and support regional events and try new terrain.

- Karin Didisse, Meet director

Advanced 6.2km.
Sergey Velichko 48:45
Ole Bergset 1:22:57
Michael Tobin 1:26:08
Bill Leahy 1:49:36
Bill Pilcher 2:01:10
Jeff Decker 2:42:25
Tony Pori (missed #10) 2:11

Intermediate 4.1km.

Andy & Elijah Hill 1:31:09
Bob Didisse 1:36:42
Masha Velichko 1:38:35
David Bergset & Neva Suarez 2:19:05
Sergey (2nd Course) 44:00?

Intermediate Recreational:
Joe Gumiensky got 8
DeForest Eveland got 7

Beginner 2.3km
Naya Antink (w/ passenger) 34:30

August 21, 2009

August Meet Info

Hey there, hope to see you all at Bear Basin near McCall this SUNDAY 8/23 for a local orienteering meet. Starts are from 11am- 1 pm and we'll be meeting at the new Bear Basin Trailhead off of Club Hill Road:
To get there go up to the highest point on highway 55 (a couple miles headed west out of McCall) and turn north (right) on Club Hill Rd. for 1/2 mile, the parking lot is just off to the right where the road makes a sharp turn left.

Come on up and enjoy the nice weather, beautiful forest and huckleberries! We'll have three courses with the longest being around 6.4 km.

Plus a big CONGRATS to our very own Lee Scott! A picture of his from Saturday at the Idaho City Goldrush meet made the cover of Orienteering North America magazine! Plus several of his other pictures were featured inside along with a story about the juniors group from Texas that came to the Pacific Northwest Orienteering Fest, of which our meet was part.

- Karin Didisse