March 23, 2009

Meet Results: Ann Morrison - 03/21/09

Things got started early on Saturday with half of the competitors starting between 10:30 and 11am. Which is exciting since the course didn't "officially" open until 11am, and because we had a great turnout. So much so that we actually ran out of Intermediate maps.

The weather held out and despite a little breeze and some minor rain drops the spirits were high and all the competitors were happy to be out enjoying the park. Joe and Jenita Gumiensky started things off early on the Intermediate course with Ted and Max Vavricka and the Hall family quickly on their heels.

Newcomers Matt and Jacob Gordon and Ryan and Connor Durrant took on both the Beginner and Intermediate courses along with Jenny Barnett and Kathryn and Evenson Turisten. Jeff Black was the only competitor to take on all three maps.

Ole came out to show his support for the Club but wasn't planning on racing due to a sore foot. But after listing to finishers talk about how much they enjoyed the Advanced course Ole couldn't hold himself back anymore and decided to give it a run. It turns out that Ole can run just fine on a sore foot finishing a very respectable 2nd, then he stayed after to pick up controls. I don't think Ole will be getting much sympathy after that.

A special thanks to Jeff Black for co-directing and to Jeff Decker, Donna Goodwin, Ole Bergset, and Samantha Scott for picking up controls.

We hope to see you all at our next meet which will be at Stuart Gultch West. The meet center is usually at the North-East corner of Hillside Junior High (behind the school). The school entrance is at the corner of Hill Road and 36st Street.


Beginner Course: Hikers
Matt & Jacob Gordon, Ryan & Conner Durrant24:15
Jenny Barnett, Kathryn and Evenson Turisten32:50

Beginner Course: Competitive
Jeff Black*06:35*

Intermediate Course: Hikers
Joann Leone and Joe Novak35:10
Dondi and Frankie Black45:20
Kevin, Justin, Jonah and Joeseph Hall46:05
Matt & Jacob Gordon, Ryan & Conner Durrant51:00*
Jenny Barnett, Kathryn and Evenson Turisten01:03:00*
Melanie Roper and Erik Bergset01:06:25

Intermediate Course: Competitive
Jeff Black14:30*
Ted and Max Vavricka29:00
Joe and Jenita Gumiensky33:45
Donna Goodwin39:50

Advanced Course: Competitive
Jeff Black24:15
Ole Bergset30:30
Bill Leahy32:55
Jeff Decker34:05
Bill Pilcher44:15
David Bergset & Neva50:25
* Run previous map with crossover controls

March 16, 2009

Coming Up: Ann Morrison

City of Trees Orienteering Club will be hosting the next meet this Saturday, March 21st, at Ann Morrison Park. The meet center will be located by the foot bridge just east of the playground. We'll be exploring all corners of Ann Morrison Park and there will be a course for every ability level. Show up early for some tips, pointers, instruction, etc.

The weather forecast is calling for milder temps and hopefully sunny skies. So put an end to the cabin fever, get the kids out of the house, and join us for an early Spring adventure in the park.

Date: Saturday, March 21st
Start time: 11:00am - 1:00pm (course will be closed by 2pm)
Location: Ann Morrison Park

And remember, you can register on-site, or print out the Registration Form at home, fill it in and bring it with you to the meet.